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Published Jan 6, 2014 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

What to expect froma Seven Stars Home

ChadMeet your Professional InspectorsDoug

Chad was a General Contractor who built Custom Homes for over 15 years. He was licensed in all of the major municipalities in the front range. Chad has a expertise in building science, he has spent the better part of his life learning how homes are put together and the way home systems interact with each other.

Doug has been an active real estate investor over the last 30 years with over 10 million dollars invested. Doug has seen and been a part of the small projects all the way to the multimillion dollar transaction. Doug’s knowledge of homes and real estate quality is unparalleled.

The InspectionWhat are we looking for?As our client, we are looking out for your best interests. Therefore, we focus on Health, Fire and Safety Issues. We look at each individual system within your home and make sure it is functioning, as intended, in a safe manner. At the same time, we will identify any major deficiencies that are apparent during our non-invasive inspection. We will also point out deferred maintenance items which could cost you $$ in the future.

The InspectionYour home inspection begins outside. We move around the house, generally two to three times, inspecting:Soffits, Fascia, Siding TrimStructural soundnessSidewalks/Patio/DecksGround conditions (landscaping within 6-10 feet of the home)Windows and DoorsExterior Plumbing and Electrical Service entrances.Once this portion is completed we “Hop” on the roof.The Exterior

The InspectionThe Roof Your roof is your most important defense against the elements. Our Roof Inspection begins at the gutters. We check to make sure they are clear of debris and serve their intended purpose, to efficiently move water away from the structure. We check all visible flashing and roofing material, looking for areas which could or have failed. We check all roof penetrations for soundness including Chimneys, Vents and Plumbing.

The InspectionThe Garage After the roof inspection is complete we move to the garage. In the garage we check for safety items such as firewall separations, electrical safety and Garage Door Safety. We are often able to assess structural integrity of the floors, walls and ceiling as well.

The InspectionThe Interior - Kitchen The Interior inspection starts in the Kitchen. We inspect:Functionality of Appliances (we also record make model and serial numbers for your reference.)We inspect all cabinet doors and drawersPlumbingElectrical Ceilings/Walls/FloorsWindows/Doors The Kitchen is often the most “Used” area of a home. It can tell us a lot about the integrity of your home.

The InspectionFrom the Kitchen we move to laundry rooms and bathrooms to inspect virtually all the same components. We inspect:The tub/shower surroundsAll cabinet doors and drawersPlumbingElectrical Ceilings/Walls/FloorsWindows/DoorsThe Interior – Bath & Laundry

The InspectionThe Interior Once the Kitchen and Bathroom inspections are complete, we move onto Rooms/Bedrooms/Stairways. Again, we are looking at:Electrical PlumbingCeilings/Walls/FloorsWindows/Doors We will also take extra care to evaluate the integrity of any fireplaces or woodstoves.

The InspectionThe Interior – Basement & Attic The last areas we check are the Basement, Crawlspace and Attic. These areas are visually checked for structural integrity and any harmful water/insect penetration. This is also when we typically check the Heating and Cooling System, Water Heater and any other system, appliance or outbuildings.

The InspectionThe Electrical System Your Electrical System is often one of the most complex, and frequently modified, systems in your home. We take extra care to evaluate the Service/Distribution Panels, the integrity of visible wiring and the soundness of all fixtures and receptacles. Our first priority is your safety in your new home.

At times, it is necessary for us to dig a little deeper using non-invasive techniques. For example, Infrared Thermal Imaging allows us to better detect moisture problems, insulation deficiencies and overloaded electrical circuits.The InspectionInvestigations

The Rundown Before we leave the property, we provide the Seven Stars Rundown to review the major findings of your inspection. As we go through our findings, we will pause at any point to physically show you any issue you don’t understand or haven’t seen. Many times this portion of the inspection takes the longest. We want you to understand your home so we take as much time as you need.

Getting your ReportOnce the onsite inspection is complete, our work has just begun. We commit to complete your online report within 1 business day of the Inspection. You will receive an email from us which has a link to our website, as well as a username and password for access to your report. For the next several weeks you can view it, save it or forward it as often as you like. The Report

After the InspectionWe want you to be confident in your home purchase and we want to be your Home Advisor for life. Due to the nature of our business and experience we have made “tons” of relationships with trusted trades. Handymen, Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers…you name it. Call us with any questions about your home or if you are looking to remodel. We can refer you to a Seven Stars Trusted Contractor. We’re here for you

Thank You for choosing Seven Stars Home