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The Comparison of English and Russian Traditions (Easter and New Year)

Published Dec 11, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Project:The Comparison of Russian and English Traditions(Easter and New Year)

The Results of the Test

The Aim to find the informationto make a testto create a web-site where everyone can read it and to have a test

Easter traditions of England and Russia

Willow and Palm Sunday

In RussiaIn Russia, the main dish is an Easter cake.

In EnglandThe main Easter dish in the UK is stuffed lamb.

In EnglandIn the UK there is a tradition to present relatives and friends with chocolate eggs.

In RussiaIn Russia they present friends and family with real colored eggs.

In RussiaIn Russia, they beat eggs against each other until one of them breaks.

In EnglandIn Great Britain they roll the eggs from the mountain.

The Easter Bunny

New year in Russia and in England

The Date of Celebration

Traditional food in EnglandNew Year festive meals in England do not change from century to century, and the secrets of their preparation are inherited   

Traditional food in RussiaRussian salad Salad herring under a fur coat Champagne Tangerines

Russian banya (steam bath)

First Footing

New Year is a special day for children in both countries

ConclusionWe downloaded all the information in our web-site and explained our classmates how to use it

Thank you for attention!