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Published Nov 24, 2013 in Spiritual
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

SunnyhillWho we are, What we would like to become, & What we are looking for in a settled minister.

259 emails were sent, 10 paper surveys were mailedComputer stations were made available during two Sundays66%complete67% women, 33% menThe Survey

SunnyhillWho We Are…


Length of time at Sunnyhill

How old are we?

Educational Level



Household Income

Total Monthly Pledges

Years as a UU

SunnyhillWhat We Believe…

Most Recent Religious Affiliation

Spiritual LifeStrongly Agree - AgreeMy spiritual life is grounded in a sense of the fullness and connectedness of all things "Goodness" and "meaning" are human constructs created as a result of the human encounter with each other and the world My spiritual life is lived in response to the sacred circle of being and the effort to live in harmony with the rhythms of natureDisagree - Strongly DisagreeA personal relationship with God is a vital part of my spiritual life and a necessary part of my worship experienceThe life, teachings, and death of Jesus of Nazareth are central to my understanding of God, the Universe, and the human condition


Loyalty to Other Faith Traditions

Meditation (58%) and prayer (36%) are the most common religious practice.Journaling (71%) and small group engagement (68%) are the least utilized religious practice.Buddha, Jesus, Socrates most important figures.Mohammed, Moses, & Hebrew Prophets least important.Most believe that Jesus: Was a model for living an ethical and caring life (41%); Did live, but was fully human (47%).A person’s memory lives on with loved ones (53%), while 24% believe that a person’s sprit or soul lives onWhat We Believe

SunnyhillWhat We Do…

Your Part in Congregational Activities9:00am vs. 11:30amFrequency of Attending Service

Most Important Reason to Attend, and Remain at Sunnyhill

Participation in Church Activities

Hours Spent on Church Activities

Reasons for Attending Worship Services

View of Congregational Leadership

Sunnyhill Views on Professional Ministry

What do you Value as part of Sunday Service

Importance of Sermon Topics

Sunday Service Objectives

Ministerial FunctionsSpiritual LeaderIntellectual LeaderPastor:FacilitatorSocial ActivistAdministratorPerson of CharacterPresenting stimulating sermonsFostering a sense of fellowshipProviding visible leadershipCaring and counselingCreating a sense of awe in Sunday serviceAssuring efficient and effective church admin.Encouraging volunteersEncouraging social justiceOffering stimulating adult programsParticipating in RE Leading and guiding staffGuiding/facilitating committees

Professional competence (ability to communicate, counsel, empower, etc.) Inspirational Speaker Empathy (genuine interest in and concern about others) Character (strong moral consistency, stability, reliability) Sense of humor Intellectual depth and rigor Sense of calling (motivated, enthusiastic) Dynamic/Energetic Open-mindedness (receptive to other ideas) Scholarship (educated, informed, interesting) Creativity (ability to develop and present new ideas and methods) Consultative and cooperative approach Humility (awareness of his/her limitations) Qualities of Ministerial Candidates

Minister Should Have Freedom of the Pulpit

Reservations About Ministerial Settlement Procedures

Calling a Minister who is:

What Best Describes the Minister’s Administrative Role

Preferred Style of Ministry

Importance of Ministerial Functions

Responsibility for Day-to-Day Administration

Sunnyhill’s Strengths

Pressing Issues…

An Ideal Minister

Silent Expectations…