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Resource Mapping Presentation 2013

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Economic Resource Mapping 2013One District Three Products (ODTP)The way forward for enhancing rural – urban interconnectedness and livelihoodBhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI)

Background The ‘One Village One Product’ movement originated in Oita prefecture of Japan in 1979.Movement advocated by the then Governor Horihiko Hiramatsu.Program spread to and adopted in other parts of Japan and other countries.One Tambon One Product (OTOP) in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Background……contdOne Town One Product (OTOP) in People’s Republic of China.Adopted by Malaysia, the Republic of Philippines, Mongolia, the Republic of Malawi and so on.One Village One Product (OVOP) & One District One Product (ODOP) in Nepal.One Gewog Three Products (OGTP) in Bhutan.

Why ‘One District Three Products’(ODTP) for Bhutan?Not much of impact made by the Ministry of Agriculture’s One Gewog Three Products (OGTP) program.Success story from Nepal on implementation of ‘One Village One Product’ and ‘One District One Product’ gave lot of impetus for adopting similar program in Bhutan.This program has the scope for making great differences in lives of people.Coordination much easier for Bhutan (20 districts in Bhutan as compared to 75 districts in Nepal where OVOP & ODOP was successfully implemented)

Objective of One District Three Products (ODTP)To support the Royal Government’s vision of Bhutan becoming self-reliant by 2020.To connect the rural and urban settings for coordinated efforts toward economic development (inclusive participation).To create self-employable business opportunities.To capitalize and optimize on the potentials each district has to offer.

Objective……..contd To promote cottage and small enterprises both in rural and urban areas.To gap the missing linkages in value chain process and show the right directions.To enhance the rural livelihood.

Product selection processA wide range of essential factors have been considered while selecting potential products for each district. Agriculture:Current production level. Potential for commercialization.Climatic and agro-ecological conditions.Market and marketing scope.Potential for value addition.

Product selection process....contdTourism:Current tourists arrival trends.Availability of tourism infrastructures.Current tourism activities.Potential for tourism activity diversification.Potential for marketing as an exclusive tourism destination by itself.

Summary of selected products Dzongkhag-wise

Framework for ODTPPreliminary study for product identification (completed).Creating awareness of the program among the business communities (on-going and will be completed by end of this year).Building institutional linkages and bringing on board the key stakeholders.Preparing implementation framework.

Framework….contdCreating awareness among the key stakeholders.2014: Meeting people in the Gewogs along with interested business entrepreneurs.2014: Implementing pilot projects.

BCCI support for the programPrepare project reports.Undertake market studies.Provide required training services (skill development).Providing technical expertise with support from BCCI’s network with agencies abroad.Getting government subsidies and exemptions.

BCCI support……contdFacilitating fast track of approvals (land lease, licensing, clearances, finance, etc.)Facilitating access to finance through financial institutions, NGOs, program support from donors, grants, etc.Facilitating and guiding on business start-up.Business advisory services for business development.

Examples of business cases from ODTPSupplying off-season (Summer) vegetables to Indian and Bangladeshi markets from eastern Bhutan.Huge requirement.Six eastern districts not able to meet the requirement.BCCI will conduct the market studies to determine the quantity required, supply timing, product specification, etc.BCCI will create institutional arrangement with the buyers in these markets.BCCI will facilitate making contracts with the producers.By getting together in groups, the youth can starting commercial production of vegetables, become marketing agents, become service providers ( supplying inputs, packaging materials, transport, facilitating remittances, etc.)

Examples of business cases from ODTPKiwi fruit production in Dagana DzongkhagScope for commercial production.High value product.Yield can be as high as 40 – 60 kg per vine (25 tones per hectare).Scope for value addition (juice, cream, kiwi hair products, etc.)Kiwi pulp for supplying to agro processing units.On average kiwi fruits will fetch Nu. 500 – 600 per kg

Examples of business cases from ODTPFeed production in Dagana & Pemagatshel DzongkhagHuge maize production in these DzongkhagsPoultry and dairy population growing in the country.Shortage of feed supply in the country.Maize could be used productively in manufacturing cattle and poultry feeds.Dagana and Pemagatshel could be made feed capitals of Bhutan.

Examples of business cases from ODTPAreca nut plantation & processing in Sarpang DzongkhagHuge demand of areca nut in the country.Potential for value addition (scented supari)Scented supari is greatly demanded in Northern India.Markets in other countries could also be explored.

Examples of business cases from ODTPGrowing of oilseeds and extracting cooking oil in Samdrup JongkharDzongkhag grows varieties of oilseeds (soya bean, mustard, sunflower).Scope for starting commercial growing of oilseeds.Scope for oil extraction and supplying to neighboring districts.

Examples of business cases from ODTPBreakfast cereals production from Maize in Samdrup JongkharHuge maize production in the dzongkhag.Scope for breakfast cereals production.Good market (schools, hotels, institutions, Indian markets, etc.)

Examples of business cases from ODTP Poultry in Dagana & Tsirang DzongkhagTwo major districts supplying eggs in the country.These dzongkhags have the potential to become poultry capitals of Bhutan.Production of improved packaging materials could be off-shoot business for developing poultry these dzongkhags.Potential for expanding supply chain within and outside country.

Examples of business cases from ODTPDairy production in Chukha & Samtse DzongkhagProximity to dairy processing units.Huge requirement of milk by the dairy processing units in Phuntsholing.Imports huge quantity of milk from India.Potential for commercial dairy business.

Examples of business cases from ODTPIntegrated fruit processing unit in Sarpang DzongkhagOne of the potential dzongkhag for fruit production.Grow wide varieties of fruits.Scope for establishing integrated fruits processing unit.

Examples of business cases from ODTPOrganic manure productionBhutan wishes to go organic by 2020.There will be huge requirement of organic manure in the country.No complex processes involved in manure preparation.Will be one of the successful business ventures.

Examples of business cases from ODTPSeed and seedling nursery in Wangdue DzongkhagODTP program will require a lot of seed and seedling supply.One one supplier in the market.There is already a shortage and demand is increasing every year.