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Avid Presentation

Published Oct 2, 2013 in Industry
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Proposal to relocate the Avid Aircraft Factory to Qatar.Presented by Robb Tiller & Dr Elsayed Eltilib23 September 2013 Avid

LSA is the newest form of recreational flying.Started in 2004 it has grown at an amazing rate in the United States and other countries.Average 108% growth since its inception Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

Can be flown with just a driver’s licence No medical Easy to learn to fly – 1 weekLSA Pilots’ Rules

The following design specifications give Avid Aircraft a strong competitive edge:folding wings. light weight.large payload capacity. large cargo area.adjustable seats to fit large frame bodies.side by side seating.short field take off and requirement for prepared runway.fuel efficient for longer flight times. AVID Aircraft

Plane KitsNot only does Avid Aircraft provide fully assembled aircraft.It also sells kits that can be put together in a home garage or hangar.The Kits Assembled Crated ready for shipping

Childs Play!No specialist skills or tools required!

The AircraftNo need for a hangar, fold the wings and tow it home!

The AircraftBush ModelTundra TiresThe Avid Aircraft purple and yellow plane has made a voyage throughout North America covering every state in the continental United States and into Canada.

The UsesThe aircraft are mainly for recreational use by enthusiasts but can also be utilised for:Crop sprayingTraffic monitoringBanner towing (Advertising)Flight Training prior to PPLInstrument flying trainingPipeline and power line surveillance

The AircraftThe Catalina Sea Plane

Avid Aircraft is owned and operated by:Pilots.foreign relations experts. manufacturing experts. Low overhead costs. More personnel added as company grows, based on projections and timetables.Avid Aircraft

All the jigs and equipment needed are crated ready to be shipped immediately to Qatar for production to start.Avid Aircraft would bring 5-10 experienced staff to set up factory and train local staff to manage and operate the factory.All that is required is a 10,000m2 hangar/office block.The factory could be operational within 90 days.Relocate To Qatar

Projected sales within Qatar and the wider region.Chinese airspace now open to private pilots with predicted large increase in LSA requirementSales Forecast

Projected employment for local staffMuch of the employment does not require high skills.Employment opportunities for the disabledEmployment Forecast

Projected number of pilots trained to fly LSA from Qatar and the wider region.The facility would include the training to fly for those people purchasing LSAPilot Training Forecast

For US$8 million you will own 90% of the company. This includes: Acquiring the working business with all FAA approvals for 7 aircraft types.Working build manualsStartup and 12 months of operationsRelocation expensesAdvertisementShowroom setup Showroom plane The Proposal

$2,000,000- Relocation Expenses$3,000,000- Facility and showroom$1,000,000- Establishes line, acquire raw and finish materials$1,000,000- Advertisement and display aircraft$1,000,000- 1 year operations and working capital $8,000,000 – TOTALOption to buy back the 10% after 2 years. ORList on the Qatar or New York Stock Exchanges as an IPO.Investment Summary

Thank you for your time and consideration.Robb Tiller & Dr Elsayed EltilibNow sit back and see what these aircraft can do!NO RUNWAY NEEDEDFor more information contact Robb Tiller Skype: justflyingnowQatar: +974 66306530 USA: +1 561 319 2872