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Published Sep 23, 2013 in Other
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Gurnard Housing Needs Survey 2013.
Part of Gurnard Neighbourhood Plan

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Housing needs assessment 2013Key findingsChris

Housing Needs Assessment 2013Why?….to provide supporting information for the development of the neighbourhood plan and to evidence the need for development proposals in accordance with Policy DM3 (Balanced Mix of Housing) and other policies of the Island Plan Core Strategy.

Housing Needs Assessment 2013Who, what and when?Household survey, spring 2013The Neighbourhood Plan Steering GroupData analysis and secondary data, summer 2013Justin Gardner ConsultingStakeholders and report August 2013 Presentation of findings Chris Broughton Associates

Housing Needs Assessment 2013Key research questionsWhat additional housing for local people is required in the parish over the next 5 years?What are residents’ views about the scale of house-building in the-future?

Housing Needs Assessment 2013Key findingsHouseholds likely to move = 64**Households likely to stay in the parish = 37*New households likely to form = 37New households likely to stay within the parish = 12*Local need* = 37+12 = 49Local supply** = 64Will the 64 vacancies meet the requirements of the 49 households? Based upon 504 completed survey forms from permanent residents - a 61.5% response rate!

Housing Needs Assessment 2013NO!There is a mismatch between vacancies and local needs. Factors are affordability, size and type special needs. 5 owner occupied bungalows (one specialised); 3 owner occupied flats (all specialised); 3 market rented flats (one specialised); 2 affordable flats; 6 affordable houses (two specialised).An estimated 19 homes are needed over the next 5 years to meet local needs. 6 homes need to be specialised.

Housing Needs Assessment 2013Are these findings consistent with the parish context? Home owners 70% (53% owned outright); Demographic profile and trends; High house prices and few first time buyers; Large elderly population 37% over 60 yrs; Little social or private rented housing; Island plan rural targets; Housing register.

Housing Needs Assessment 2013Preferred scale of new building?

Housing Needs Assessment 2013ConclusionsSurvey findings align with the: Parish profile Island plan targets The housing register Views on the scale of developmentNot surprising that: 6/19 households need specialised housing 12/37 newly forming households plan to leave