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Published Sep 20, 2013 in Entertainment
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After seeing the decline in the performing arts attendance at the DPAC a team of dedicated arts participants, Only in Denver, created a 180 page report, Revitalizing the Arts: A Plan to Breathe New Life Into The Arts Complex.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Revitalizing the ArtsA Plan to Breathe New Life into the Arts ComplexOnly in Denver’s mission and vision is to provide educational and community outreach with unique opportunities to revitalize, promote and support the arts in DenverA Plan to Activate the Denver Theatre DistrictA Plan to Attract the Next Generation to The Denver Performing Arts Complex A Plan to Revitalize the Arts

ONLY IN Denver is a Non-Profit – Fabby Hillyard – Peter John Lucking – Erik Dyce Revitalizing the ArtsA Plan of Action for Discussion and DevelopmentOnly In Denver - Transforming the City through the Arts and EducationAn Affirmative Plan of Action thatIncreases City Revenue by Increased Facility UtilizationAids the “at risk” Performing Arts ConstituentsBrings the Next Generation to the DPACCreates New Jobs Increases IATSE #7 Members IncomeProvides the CSO an Opportunity to Raise FundsProvides the CSO with a Facility that Meets and Exceeds there Needs and Audiences Expectations TodayProvides Educational and Community Outreach

A New Vision to Energize the DPACA Plan to Repurpose Boettcher Concert HallOnly In Denver - Envisions a Thriving Downtown 24/7 - DestinationAn Affirmative Plan of Action thatCreates, The Classical Cornerstone of the ArtsTo provide presence and a destination that exceeds the high Expectations of the classical arts, “highbrow” demographicA Repurposed and Reenergized Boettcher With a presentation program that includes and features contemporary music, Avant-garde theatre and innovation multimedia shows that will attract a new generation of show goersCreate, a Meaningful Educational ProgramPartnering with regional higher education, school districts k through 12 and IATSE to increase the opportunity for arts education and experience through exposure to professional artists in master class settings and career path training in the technical arts of theatreA plan that will double the Ellie and Boettcher income potential to provide the best service

Recapturing the MarketOnly In Denver – Envisions a Thriving Performing Arts ComplexFacilities + Product + Attitude + Service = ExcellenceMarket ValidationThe Arts are a critical and essential element in the fabric of Denver life and the metropolitan areaMusic and the visual arts are the key to the economic activity generated in the Denver Theatre DistrictThe Only In Denver plan, includes a new and parallel real estate development for the Galleria, that is intend to bring a Crescendo of Activity to DowntownCreate a 24/7 Entertainment center for generations to come

The Creation Of A LegacyThe Bold Moves of Visionaries 1908 Democratic national convention at the Auditorium1968 Auditorium Arena hosts Led Zeppelin first US Gig1978 Boettcher Concert Hall 1979 Helen G Bonfils Theatre Complex opened 1991 Temple Hoyne Buell Broadway roadhouse opened Predicted by critics to host The Phantom of the Opera once and then sit empty Phantom of the Opera generates $11 million in ticket sales making an estimated $22 million economic impactThe Bold Moves That Create opportunities for growth for the city and artsThe History of The Performing Arts Center “Bold Moves,” Create Opportunities and Growth

The Creation Of A LegacyThe Bold Moves of Visionaries 2005 The Quigg Newton Municipal AuditoriumHome of The Ellie Caulkins Opera HouseThe History of The Performing Arts ComplexIt is Time for Another Bold Move The Bold Moves That Create opportunities for growth for the city and arts

The Place to Live Work and PlayDenver Vibrant young neighborhoods have emerged – Restaurants – Retail – Flourish in response What has failed to Respond to this Opportunity – Major Tenants at the DPAC!A Vibrant Destination for the MillenniumNew Vibrant young Neighborhoods New Business, New Jobs, New AttractionsLight Rail at the doorstepNew Restaurants , Clubs and Boutique Retail flourishThe City is a 24/7 Business-Entertainment Center

The Arts Complex Tenants are Struggling The Vibrant Communities are not supporting the Performing Arts Complex Tenants!Attendance has Dropped – Building Utilization is FallingThe Denver Post Tells the StoryARTS AND ENTERTAINMENTColorado Symphony cancels 10 of 20 concerts scheduled this fall Posted:   10/06/2011 01:00:00 AM MDT By Kyle MacMillan Denver Post Fine Arts CriticARTMayor's plan: 9 Denver institutions to share $57 million bond windfall Posted:   10/15/2012 04:38:55 PM MDT By Ray Mark Rinaldi The Denver PostColorado Symphony - Cancels Concerts – Fails to match Bond from the People of DenverCANCELED

The Arts Complex is “Dark” to Often The Next Generation are not attending the Denver Performing Arts Complex!Attendance has Dropped – Building Utilization is FallingThe DPAC and its Constituents are at RiskEllie Attendance is down from 63% 2005 to 57% 2013Ellie Building utilization is falling to 29% 2013Boettcher Building utilization is 50% 2013FDA Seat Tax Income Drop affects all ConstituentsIncome to the Downtown Economy will be LostThis affects the City and County of Denver incomeOpera Colorado - Cancels World Premier!All % are 2013 Estimates

$The Rate of Return is FallingEllie and Boettcher are “dark” to oftenUnderutilized 29% and 50% puts the DPAC at “risk “Seat Occupancy % rates are dropping - DPAC at “risk “Attendance is down - the Constituents are at “risk”The drop in the number of Events is bad for DenverThe “Programming” is not capturing an AudienceCommunity and Educational Outreach can be improvedThe DPAC is a Multimillion-dollar InvestmentThe work horse of the Complex, the Buell Theatre is going strong!The DPAC is the second biggest PAC in the USAOpera Colorado - cuts back the season!Opera Colorado CANCELS world premiere, cuts back

The SolutionIts Time for Bold ThinkingCreate a Destination for all Generations Only In Denver has created a plan to Repurpose Boettcher Concert Hall to host exciting events, increase City revenue, and provide educational outreach to younger generations, whilst revitalizing the Ellie to create the “Cornerstone of the Classic Arts.” Along with a new parallel real estate development, for the Galleria, that brings a crescendo to Downtown Denver and The Performing Arts ComplexA Plan to breath new life into the arts complex

Revitalizing the Arts Its Time for Bold MovesCreating a Destination for all Generations Revitalize The Arts by CreatingThe Cornerstone of the Classical Arts in The EllieA Repurpose and reenergize BoettcherRevitalize the GalleriaA Phased Development With Phased fundingA plan to Move ForwardA Plan to breath new life into the arts complex

Repurposing BoettcherOnly In Denver – Envisions Boettcher being the “Peoples House!”Capture the Market as a Multipurpose Space for AllCreating a Multipurpose hall for the peopleA Presentation Program that featuresContemporary MusicAvant-garde TheatreInnovative Multimedia ShowsEducational and Community outreach; thatCaptivates The Next GenerationGlobal sales by Genre (2010) Classical dropped to 5.1% 2011 Source: Music and Copyright

Responding to the Vibrant Communities“Consistency. Define your space... Quality Programming... Attention to detail... Passion.”~ David Ehrlich The “Show” is the Reason Audiences Attend the Arts Creating the DestinationQuality Programming for All GenerationsWhat Creates a Destination for Generations to comeWhat is at the destination? Facilities;What is the destinations product? Live Performance;What makes a destination? Service; and,What makes you happy at your destination? Attitude.Arts Surveys UK “Two in five adults (42%) claim to have visited some form of performing arts in the past year.” Let’s Bring in the professionals who study The Next Generation to help usGet in the house! Marketing to the arts in the 21st Century

The Quigg Newton Municipal Auditorium“The Cornerstone of the Classical Arts”The Historic Cornerstone of the ArtsThe Ellie Caulkins Opera HouseThe Chambers Grant SalonThe Studio Loft –Theatre, Events & Rehearsal roomKevin Taylors at the Opera HouseHome of fine arts and sculpture displaysMaximize the Auditoriums Facility Utilization to aid & Improve OperationsAn affordable solution that benefits all the constituents

The Quigg Newton Municipal AuditoriumCreating The Classical Cornerstone of the ArtsThe Ellie is a “Grand Theatre” designed for MusicThe Ellie was Designed to Accommodate the CSOThe Orchestra shell was deferred till Boettcher was RefurbishedThe Ellie can accommodate the CSO needs and those of there AudienceThe Studio Loft can accommodate CSO rehearsalsThe Studio Loft can be used as part of the Educational outreach programDrop the Opera and Market The Ellie!An affordable solution that benefits all the constituents

The Quigg Newton Municipal AuditoriumThe Benefits of The Classical Cornerstone of the ArtsMaximizes the Facilities Utilization and Seat OccupancyCreates Revenue for The City and County Of DenverConsolidates and gives market presence to the Classical Arts Constituents Creates the opportunity for “Creative Collaboration,” to attract all generations and has potential operational benefitsThe Studio Loft is utilized for rehearsals, Tier III and Educational outreach programsProvides the CSO with a Facility Today, with the opportunity to plan and fund for the future Scheduling can simply be resolved Rental income and IATSE #7 contracts negotiated Drop the Opera and Market The Ellie!An affordable solution that benefits all the constituents

Repurposing BoettcherOnly In Denver is proposing a Phased Development with Phased FundingBoettcher Inherent financial and Unique Intrinsic ValuesBoettcher Concert Hall hasValue as a Facility both Financially and IntrinsicallyA Unique performer – Audience arrangement A history and Architecture that should be PreservedGreat Structural Bones for RepurposingThe Potential to Cost effectively Capture a Market shareCreating a Multipurpose hall for the people

A 24/7 Entertainment Center for Generations to Come!Responding to the Market of Today and the Future A Repurposed Boettcher A Multipurpose space for all Types of PerformancesTo provide Programming for all GenerationsLets you Eat and Drink in your seatA Cost Effectively Solution To Increase AttendanceTo Increase Occupancy IncomeTo Service the vibrant, young neighborhoodsDiscussion concept for developmentBoettcher Rocks

Only In DenverOnly In Denver and its partners plan to fund 1/3 of all project costsA Cost Effective Planned SolutionA Phased Development with Phased FundingThat benefits all major tenants by increasing all tenants visibility and presence to create a vibrant 24/7 Downtown Denver Theatre District destinationThe creation an Entertainment Center that attracts the vibrant, young next generation market of show–goers by responding to their needsThat includes a new parallel real estate development for the Galleria, which brings a crescendo of activity to Downtown Denver and The Performing Arts ComplexTo Double the Ellie and boettcher income and provide educational and community outreach

Educational And Community OutreachA Repurposed Boettcher will include spaces for Community & Educational Outreach Reconnecting Education with Creativity A Meaningful Outreach ProgramLearning from BAM’s & others Initiatives on EducationMaster ClassesBackstage SeminarsSchool Break ProgramsCafé Live – Free music and moreFilm PresentationsA Literary Series focusing on the ArtsWorking with the Colorado Creative Carriers Task ForceWorking with local Schools and UniversitiesExpanding the minds of our children

Professional Spaces for the CommunityA Feasibility & Program Study to Plan Spaces for Community & Education OutreachSpaces for Education and Community Use Spaces to Support Professional and Educational outreachI 50 seat TheatreRecording and Broadcast RoomsAV Recording StudiosClassrooms and Expanded “Wet” ClassroomsConference roomsArt GalleryWorking with the Community to provide a Place to PlayThe Venue is a 24/7 Destination – The Venue Promotes the Arts - The Venue Starts a New tradition Reconnecting Creativity with Community

A House Designed Around the ProgramBuild on Boettcher’s strengthsRe-rig the Stage Provide side stage areas and “vomitory” entrancesRefurbish the seating add cup holdersProvide flat floor areasReutilize the acoustic volume to create the lobby & Bar Create a VIP area - Meet and Greet the performersMake the Building ADA compliantImagine flexible LED screens surround the audience flowing like ribbons through the house and lobbyRepurposing Boettcher will not Require Breaking the BoxA visual and Auditory delight - An informal intimate space with the lobby open to the houseA Feasibility & Program Study to Plan for the enhanced “Programming”

The GalleriaLets bring the Galleria up to date and make it a - Daytime Destination!The Gateway to the Arts There are Opportunities toAdd RetailAdd CafésIncrease Parking, andEnliven the spaces for “Daytime use”Only In Denver and Our Partners have the potential to privately fund a number of projectsA Site Development Plan to Explore how to minimize the City & County of Denver’s RISK!Create the opportunity for Best Practices, Save $ & Eliminate RedundancyA plan to Unite the Leaseholders to provide new way of thinking about how the Galleria is used

A Plan Of ActionEverything starts as an Idea – Due diligence creates the “Best Thought out Plan” Phase I - The Classical Cornerstone of the Arts Phase IThe Cornerstones of the Classical Arts: up grad the Ellie to accommodate Colorado the symphony Orchestra 2013 $1,903,095.00Feasibility and Programming study for Boettcher to include Community and Educational outreach development2013 $375,000.00Site Development Plan for DPAC, Galleria etc2013 $475,000.00A plan of action that benefits the city and constituentsCost Estimates

A Plan Of ActionEverything starts as an Idea – Teamwork creates “An Inclusive Plan of Action” Phase II & III Phase II BoettcherPhase II A - Re-rig Boettcher for Multipurpose use2013 $2,537,460.00Phase II B- Repurpose Boettcher to Boettcher Rocks2014 $24,000,000.00Phase III Galleria Potentially private funded 2014 $0.00ESTIMATED TOTAL PROJECT COST 2014 $29,290,555.00a cost effective A plan of action Cost Estimates$

Revitalizing The ArtsEllie and the Boettcher facilities Utilization, Ticket sales – Seat tax sales IncreaseA Plan to Breath New Life into the Arts CenterThe Benefits Of this Plan of Action areMaximizes the utilization of the Ellie and Boettcher;Creates additional revenue for the City and County of Denver, Denver Performing Arts Complex, (DPAC)and adjacent land users; Provides educational and community outreach opportunities, with community broadcast, performance, rehearsal and support rooms for all; Creates jobs in the local economy;Repurposing Boettcher to a multiuse facility for new and old generations alike; Creates a new arts audience, bringing the Next Generation to the complex by repurposing Boettcher to a multiuse facility for generations to come;A Plan of action for discussion and development

Revitalizing The ArtsThe Downtown Economic Impact is MaximizedA Plan of Action for Discussion and Development The Benefits Of this Plan of Action areProvides a long-term opportunity for The Colorado Symphony Orchestra to raise funds. And increases the DPAC profitability which can aid in building an appropriate Shoe Box Concert Hall in the future that meets their long term goals;Provides The Colorado Symphony Orchestra with a facility that meets and exceeds the audience’s expectations today;Provides performance, rehearsal and support rooms for all arts community tier’s; and,Increase’s the income for IATSE #7, the Denver Theatrical Stage Film And Exhibition Union employees.A Plan to Breath new life into the arts center