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Character Study- Research

Published Oct 1, 2012 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Character Study-Research
Prison Break

Research into the Character
Obviously we wouldn’t want the character in our trailer to show such brutality in what he does but the main concept of the character would be brilliant in our trailer, but just not so intense as. Choosing a person to be the main role in our trailer would be difficult. I myself was not very confident on the acting side of things and would prefer to be based behind the camera doing the editing and filming.
He is described as one of the most villainous characters in the series, and all his characteristics stem from his background and upbringing. Theodore Bagwell was born of both incest and rape after his father sexually assaulted his sister, who is implied to have been mentally handicapped, he was also molested by his father. He was brought in and out of prison as he grew up and lead him to be the character he is now.
It could be extremely effective if we could include such characteristics that T bag posses in prison break, or even to portray similarities between this character we have researched and the character that would be featured in our film.

Looking For Inspiration

Knepper (actor of T bag) says, "I never play him like a stereotypical racist or redneck. He's actually quite cunning and smart.“ This is exactly what we would aim to portray in our trailer. We wanted our character to show similar characteristics, from an early start, i.e. in his childhood days. We felt we could include these characteristics in scenes such as flashbacks, but we would discuss this later.
This clip is from an interview with Robert Knepper, discussing how he managed to play this character, and also how certain characteristics that he included in the character stayed with him during home life. We obviously wouldn’t want our character to go this far into portraying the same characteristics as this character. We wouldn’t want to make it seem like we were simply copying this character, but we just looked at him for inspiration and it actually gave us quite a bit of that.