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Published Sep 13, 2013 in Spiritual
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Launch of Shas4Kehilla Fundraising Campaign for Kehillas Avreichim, Jerusalem.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Welcome to the Kehillas AvreichimBuilding Foundation Fundבס''ד

Building Foundation Fund BoardR. Yonoson Brenner (Treasurer)R. Yochanan Cannon R. Ashi DickR. Shlomi EhrlichR. Azriel FreedmanR. Peretz GoldsteinR. Dovid HerskowitzR. Michoel OlitzkyR. Yisroel PotashR. Yaakov TatzR. Aryeh Leib ZiskindR. Yaakov Adam SolomonKehillas Avreichim

Kehillas Avreichim Har NofLet’s Complete SHAS Together!!ערב ראש השנה תשע''ג – ערב שבועות תשע''ד Kehillas Avreichim

The New BuildingProposed Location: Rehov Agassi 20-22Current Status: Foundations laid, 1st floor builtPlanned capacity: 200 familiesFacilities: Beis MedrashShiur Room / LibraryEzras NashimKitchenFunction HallOfficeKehillas Avreichim

New Building CostsPurchase Price*: $750,000Interior Construction: $250,000Total Budget: $1,000,000* Subject to negotiationsKehillas Avreichim

Fundraising TargetStage 1 Fundraising Target: $250,000 by Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan.through ourShas4Kehilla CampaignEach participant to raise at least $5000 and learn a Masechta of Shas Bavli.Kehillas Avreichim

Fundraising ProjectHow We Will Help You To Raise the Money:We will give you the technical and office support servicesOnline fundraising systemPro forma letters & emails, secretarial support, Paypal & charity receiptsWorking with your ideas & connectionsKehillas Avreichim

Completing Shas TogetherGet Sponsorship from Family & FriendsLearn the Mesechta of your choiceReport your progress online (optional)Grand Siyum HaShas on Erev Shavuous 2014 in the new Kehillas Avreichim building!!Goals: Learning 36 Mesechtas over 10 months to raise at least $250,000Kehillas Avreichim

Our Campaign WebsiteKehillas Avreichim

Personal Fundraising PageKehillas Avreichim

Join Us!Sign up tonight!Personal Fundraising Pages built to your specificationsLetters & Emails for you to send to family & friendsOffice Support for your fundraising effortsInvolve all the family to build our communityKehillas Avreichim