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Published Sep 11, 2013 in Business & Management
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Vitrum UK (Home Control) Ltd is the UK & Ireland distributor for VITRUM Home Control system. From lighting control to full AV integration. Each product in the Vitrum range is sculpted in glass. With its hi-tech wireless heart, Vitrum heralds a new era in intelligent home automation systems.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


Vitrum is a family of patented design products designed to control every function in the home. Each product in the Vitrum range is sculpted in glass and light. It is the result of a revolutionary design concept that focuses on simplicity of use and attractive styling, one that offers complete freedom in terms of colour co-ordination as well as the pure pleasure of touching a material as precious as glass.

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Vitrum Home Control is all about choice. Whether you are simply looking for the nicest looking and easiest to use lighting control system on the market, or wanting full home automation.

Well, we believe it to be the nicest looking lighting control system on the market, and it’s the simplest to install and programme. After wiring conventionally simply decide which switches you want to talk to each other and then set some ‘scenes’ or ‘mood’ lighting. All our British Standard devices fit in a standard 35mm back box.With Vitrum, light switches, thermostats, curtain and blind controls - and all other domestic electrical controllers - become eye-catching designer items sculpted in glass.Furthermore, Vitrum Home Control can be customised in an infinity of colours and textures to suit all interiors. Infinity of colours...Why Vitrum?

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How does it workAt the helm of Vitrum are the glass controllers...The Vitrum glass switches (controllers) have touch-sensitive areas that are used to switch on and control resources such as lighting, heating, curtains - in fact, practically any electrical system. Using Z-Wave technology, each controller wirelessly communicates with each other and to other wirelessly connected devices. These controllers are connected to existing or new wiring. Installation is incredibly quick and simple.How does it work?Some controllers, like the dimmer switch, work like an iPod control and can be stroked to alter lighting levels. And with others pre-set lighting scenes can be activated at the touch of a button.

Vitrum Home Control system works by using Z-wave wireless technology. Z-wave is the future of home automation, and enables the end user to have many Z-wave compliant devices working together.Vitrum also works with…Vitrum has a wireless heart

If you prefer to use your iPad as a remote control unit, just download the dedicated Home Master application from iTunes®. This also allows you to control the entire automation system throughout your home..Vitrum Control your home system from your iPad or Android tabletUsing your iPad (or iPhone) you can launch the Home Master App Using the simple interface, you can switch on the lights, heating and any other service. All you need is an internet connection.

Potential FunctionalityDimming lights from Vitrum glass switch plate Vitrum glass switch plates are available in any RAL colour Control of lighting by remote control and iPad/Android based tablets and phones Create multiple ‘scenes’ or ‘moods’ The touch of a button on this Vitrum glass switch plate instantly turns a mood or scene on Control of ‘mood’ or ‘scene’ lighting by remote control and iPad/Android based tablets and phones Touching the Vitrum Master ‘on/off’ glass switch plate will turn all lights off in the home, and can also memorise one other setting if certain lights need to be left on Control of Master ‘on/off’ by remote control and iPad/Android based tablets and phones Lighting ControlMood ControlMaster ON/OFFHome Control Potential Functionality

Potential FunctionalityFrom a single blind to multiple sets of curtains, the Vitrum glass switch plates will control window treatments from anywhere in a room or house Control of blinds/curtains by remote control and iPad/ Android based tablets and phones Control of conventional heating systems, air conditioning, electric systems and underfloor heating Single or multiple zones Touching the Vitrum digital Thermostat glass switch plates allows each different zone to be individually controlled Control of heating by remote control and iPad/Android based tablets and phones Fully SSAIB certified alarm system installed with integration capability for automation system Motion Sensors and door/window contacts may be used to control lighting and/or heating Sensor/keypad installation and wiring can done by a electrician or builder Blind/Curtain ControlClimate ControlSecurity ControlHome Control Potential Functionality

Potential FunctionalityMusic system with the capability to play music in multiple rooms either separately or grouped. Music can be streamed from iPhone, local storage or internet providers Contains the necessary equipment including ceiling mounted speakers Select, view and control centrally located HDMI sources (Sky HD, Virgin, YouView etc.) on different TVs. Support for 1080p HD and 3D Distribution is done over CAT5e/6 cabling installed by the builder Includes equipment and HDMI cables, including IR distribution If integration of the components above is desired the automation integration solution enables the components to “talk” to each other and perform action based/trigger events. Examples of these include: - The turning on and off of lights based on motion, time of day etc. - Turning on and off for music, TVs, lights etc. based on the alarm system being armed in an unoccupied house Control all of the above and more from iPad/Android based tablets and phones Audio ControlVideo ControlAutomation Integration & Tablet ControlHome Control Potential Functionality

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