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Wesley College Football 2013 SKR 4

Published Sep 5, 2013 in
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2013 End of Season PP

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

I have a dream…

…that one day…

…this team will rise up…

…and live out the true meaning…

…of its creed…

…Wesley, now and always!

I have a dream that even Stoney…

…will be granted respite from his eternal suffering.

So let victory ring from the Front Turf this morning…

Thank God Almighty we’ve won at last! Victory at last! Victory at last!

SKR First XVIII Lions2013

The Team of 2013

James “Akilla the Hun” Ali-Akil

Ryan “Barno” Barnaby

Will “Birdman” Bird

Big Ben Cairney

Jake “Wally Womper” Colman

Ed “The Flying Doormat” Coyne

Eddy “Lion King” Dawson

David “Lenny” Ellinghaus

Jai “The Jaister” Fernandes-Kemp

Aaron “Fiddesafiddle” Fiddes

Nick “Purple” Hayes

Jacques “K.O” K-O

Lewis “Kalpo” Kalpokas

Ollie “Kapow” Kalpokas

Tony “Kenno” Kennedy

Simon “Kerser” Kerwin

Ken “King Hit” Kiat

Seb “L-OL” Loader-Oliver

Oscar “Time-on” Marshall

Aaron “Azza” Sherlock

Grant “Silky ” Silbert

Harry “Skates” Skacej

Jack “Strawny” Strachan

Will “Thorno”Thornton

Evan “Goalski” Votskos

Hamish “Hamo” Wallace

Tim “Willo” Willett

Julian “Ging” Yeatman

Alex Zauner

Nick Zauner

Seb Cocks Louis Nossal

James YucelJack Leske

Tom “Shorty” ShortNick Johnston Mitch Carlisle-Goldblatt

Alec DufraisseLuc

Connor CunliffeCalumJaspan

Kimmy Fernandes-Kemp Ryan Ali-Akil

Todd Smorgon AlexReeves



Take noprisoners!




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Well played!

SKR First XVIII Lions2013

The End