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Published Aug 29, 2013 in Research
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

A leader In The World Of Graphic Design: What Does It Take?By Eric HaynesProfessor Jose Garcia 08/29/13

Goals:1. Explain the characteristics of an effective Leader.2. Indicate my field of study and graduation plans.3. Introduce my leader in Graphic Design, Paula Scher.4. Summarize the role of individual accountability as an element of success.5. Define my personal strengths (based on assessments), and list how they can be used to support my success.6. Evaluate the roles of critical thinking, leadership, and accountability as critical elements in my personal plan for success.By the end of this presentation I will:

Characteristics of a LeaderA leader is made up of several attributes.

Characteristics SummaryIntelligence is always needed in a leadership role. It is the leader's purpose to guide and inform others of their tasks, and the proper process to complete them .Self Discipline is needed in order to maintain deadlines, punctuality, work ethics, and motivation to strive for advancement Communication is utilized on all levels of success. A person has to be able to give instructions, discuss ideas, and have general conversation to understand the needs of clients and other individuals. Courage is needed to work against the competition and obstacles along the way to success. Without the courage to take on opportunities and chances, there is little room for growthBeing Extraordinary is a must, with so many competitors in the market. It is easy to get left behind if your products or services have no distinguishing qualities.

My Field Of StudyI chose Graphic Design because of my love for art, my talent, and experience.I possess creativity, determination, communication skills, and I have a natural artistic ability. These are all qualities to become successful.I will complete my Bachelor's within the next 3 yearsBy Eric Haynes

My Personal StrengthsDeterminedPatientIntelligentOpen-MindedMy Personal Weaknesses Time ManagementPersonal DriveExternal Influences

Finding the Leader in Myself1. Being firm but fair is very important in self-discipline. To be successful a person needs to be able to stick to their ethics, but also be fair to be people with other principles.2. Having an open mind and ear are good traits to have along with patience. There will be many times that it helps to get an overall understanding of something before making a decision.3. I am intelligent, I catch on very quickly and have a great wealth of knowledge on a number of subjects.My Strengths

Finding the Leader in Myself1. Due to a busy schedule, I have problems setting aside quiet time to ensure I hit my deadlines.2. I don't limit the amount of external contact with friends and family as much as I should when work needs to be done.3. I let my shortcomings in a project hinder its completion.My Weaknesses

Finding the Leader in Myself1. I have created a schedule that incorporates at least 1-2 hours a day toward school work. I have also contacted my school coach to ask for advice on budgeting time. Staying on top of my own affairs begins my journey to self-accountability and management.2. I have notified friends and family of my schedule, so that they can avoid contacting me during my work time and add to my external distractions.3. I take my time to gather information and plan out my work before I start, to try to avoid running into obstacles while working. Critical thinking can help to eliminate unneeded information and stay on track.My Plan of Resolution

Finding the Leader in Myself1. My strengths are directly hindered by my weaknesses. By addressing my weaknesses, I have been given a blueprint to better my work ethics and budget my time management.2. I am more externally motivated than internal, so I have to make sure that I evaluate my progress more on a personal level.3. In order to be successful, I have to push my creativity and be courageous in order to advanceI Have Learned

One of the many influential people in the Graphic Design world known best for her works for CBS, and her take on several maps of the world.Paula ScherLeader In Graphic Design

Paula was born October 6, 1948 in Virginia. She started her venture by obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1970 at the Tyler School of Art in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. ( She took her first job as a layout artist for Random House Children's book division, followed by a prominent 2 years working as a record cover artist for CBS. She has been in the design field for over 39 years, and her unique style was created from her dislike in the font Helvetica. She felt that the font was too plain, and inspired her push her creativity to design far from basic concepts.Quick Facts about Paula Scher

The first female principal at Pentagram Design StudioMaster Series Award for her book “Make It Bigger”Print's Regional Design Annual 2011 for Shakespeare in the park 2010 Campaign.American Book Award nominations for best book design, and for best compilation of written and graphic material for “The Honeymoon Book: A Tribute to the Last Ritual of Sexual Innocence”Some of her Achievements

I selected Paula as my leader of Graphic Design due to her long history in the field and many achievements.Paula has stood out in conferences, and also through her books. She often explains tips on being successful by knowing your clientele, keeping fresh ideas, and remaining organized. (TED Talks Serious Play 2008)Her advice helps me maximize my potential in the career, and speaks directly to my strengths and weaknesses that were displayed through my assessments in class.Why Paula Scher?

“To maintain any creative longevity a designer today must reinvent his or her work every five years. This does not mean simply changing style. It means reassessing one's approach” by Paula Scher “Make It Bigger” “Your portfolio should not only highlight your technical competence, but also reflect your artistic philosophy”By Paula Scher “Graphic Design Portfolio”Leading Graphic Design

ConclusionAn effective leader should be intelligent, self-disciplined, open-minded, and extraordinary with great communication skills. These skills maximize the potential of personal and social comprehension. Having more understanding of information, emotions, and ethics creates a diverse network for a leader.Through assessments and research, I successfully found my strengths and weaknesses to clarify my goals as a leader in the Graphic Design field. I not have put into work solutions to conquer my goals and push forward my strengths.Paula Scher is a great leader in the field of Graphic Design with several achievements and a legacy of experience. She stressed the need to stay fresh with ideas, organization, and individualism to be a successful leader.


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