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Published Aug 23, 2013 in Business & Management
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By Liza Wisner,

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


Facebook and Twitter for AdministratorsLiza WisnerJuly 2011

How this Workshop will ‘Work’Agenda - TopicsAsk questions along the wayLearn from one anotherInformal, Totally fun, and interactive!

What we’re going to coverQuick intro to social media – what is it?The importance of your core websiteA social media strategyThe technologiesPolicies and Procedures

“Friend” Each Other”Your nameYour schoolYour website nameYour social media attempts to datePersonal and Professional

Liza WisnerFounder of Texas Techies Organization

Social Media in Plain English

Social Media Belongs to the Web 2.0 movement – the interactive webOnline Social interactionBlogs, micro-blogging, social networking, video/file sharing, wikis, social bookmarking, community sites and more

Your website and social mediaYour website should be the central component of your social media strategyIf your website needs work, best to sort this out first before getting serious about social media…

Create many roads in!Users can engage in the forum that they are most comfortable with

Example website – CCISD

POST – a social media strategyPeopleWho are you targeting?Certain demographic, multiple demographicsObjectivesWhat do you want to achieve?More students? Engagement? Awareness?StrategiesHow do your propose to achieve your objectives?Competitions, special deals, provision of information, email marketingTechnologiesWhich technologies will you use to implement the strategies?Email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, video, etc.Source: Forrester Research

Quick exerciseWrite down a quick POST strategy for your schoolPeople – who do you need to target?Objectives – what do you want to achieve?Strategies – how might you achieve these objectives?Technologies – what technologies do you think would be the best?


Blogs in plain English…

BloggingBlog = ‘web log’In essence, an online journal or diary, ordered by dateCan be setup within minutes

Blogger – – best choice

What to blogEducation news and viewsBook reviewsOpinion pieces – controversy creates ‘link bait’!‘How to’ guidesFree e-books and resources‘Top Ten’ articlesAnything that is interesting andwill attract an audience

How to blogSmall contributions – 200-400 wordsRegular, consistent posting – every week, fortnight, monthWrite posts that provoke a responseNetwork with other bloggers and ‘comment’ on other blogs

Quick ExerciseWrite down 2 blog topics that you would write about on your blogBe creative!Share it with the group


Twitter in plain English…


Ashton Kutcher


Ways that schools can use TwitterNetworking, partnering and friendshipsKeep in touch with parents and the communityEvent updates using a hashtag - #Find new information using Twitter search Share info and build credibilityDirect traffic to your website through links to contentUse it as a customer service channel – instant messagingUse it as an advice line – instant messagingMonitor your schools brand & reputation

What to TweetLinks to you own great blog postsLinks to great articles that you found & want to shareNews and NoticesQuestions/polls/discussion itemsQuirky observationsTipsQuizzesThought of the day, quotes, etc

How to TweetTweet stuff people can ‘use’ – this is the stuff that gets ‘retweeted’Don’t spamDon’t write boring things, inject some personalityDon’t overdo it – 1-2 tweets a day is OK


Facebook in simple English…

FacebookWho doesn’t have a Facebook account?Over 500 million users worldwide!!!! 3rd Largest Country behind China and IndiaGreat for ‘social’ networkingFacebook ‘Pages’ for schools

Ways to Use FacebookOnline Bulletin Board.Complete your profile.Create a policies and procedures manual for facebook useUpload Pictures.Integrate your website blog.Add your Facebook URL to your staff email signature Find experts in your area and invite them as a guest blogger on your blog or speaker at your event.Share surveys or research data to gain credibility.Post upcoming eventsUpdate your page on a regular basis Others?....

Online Video

Online videoVideo is the biggest growth area on the web as bandwidth and online storage increasesOver 20 hours of video every minute is uploaded to YouTubeVideo can be done cheaply with a handheld camcorder or a digital cameraViral impact can bring thousands of visitors to a website in a short space of time

Why video?Grab people’s attention instantlyTell your story in less timeBring your ideas to lifeMake your site stickierCreate a buzz with viral videoBring your website into the 21st century

What videos can you create?School overviewParent testimonialsDemonstrationsTour of your premisesTeacher-in-the-classroom interviewsJob specifications / recruitment videos‘How To’ videos / tutorials

Privacy ConcernsTwitterPublic or protected?Accounts with public Tweets have profile pages that are visible to everyone.Accounts with protected Tweets require manual approval of each and every person who may view that account's Tweets. FacebookBusiness Account setup for your schoolSeparate Personal Conversations from BusinessAny Concerns?

Policies and ProceduresOver 100 sample policies

Policies and Procedures