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Published Aug 19, 2013 in Spiritual
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

MISSION TRIP 2013McKinney ,Texas

Sunday morning we arrived in time to have church with missionary Randall Wright and his congregation at Clearview Church. They are currently meeting in an Elementary School.

Our teen praise group sang Sunday morning at Clearview!

After church we went to an apartment complex to hand out flyers for our upcoming Kids Carnival!

Sunday night we went to the city park and handed out free water bottles, popsicles, and hot dogs along with postcards inviting people to Clearview Church.

Bro. Randall gave us instructions on what to say and we went all over the park to invite as many people as possible!

Our first Kids Carnival was held at a large apartment complex in McKinney. We had over 95 children attend!

Bro. Danny and Sharon even came to help!

Taylor and Lindsay getting ready to teach their 4th-6th graders!

Mrs. Inita, Sharon, and the ladies from Clearview registered lots of kids!

After playing games the children were divided into groups as our teens shared the Gospel story with them and their parents!

Patrick, Phillip, and Johnathan taught the 1st-3rd grades!

Shelby, Abby, and Garrett taught preschool and Kindergarten!

The Samaritan Inn is a homeless shelter in McKinney. This is where we held our 2nd Kids Carnival!

Handing out flyers inviting people to Clearview Church!

Monday and Tuesday night Bro. Randall, his wife Collette, and their children Joshua, Rebecca, and Leah joined us for dinner and devotion at our house.

Tuesday night Joshua played guitar as the teens led singing before devotion time.

Wednesday night was our last Kids Carnival. It was held in Bro. Randall’s neighborhood. There were lots of kids plus parents in attendance!

The quadruplets from Clearview Church!

Thursday was our fun day!


Mission Trip 2013!