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Published Aug 7, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

SUC-EXC UK LTD“The Safe Solution”0208 592 9595 – 07836 536805Benefits of using a Suction Excavator

Suc-Exc UK Ltd offers the very latest technology in Suction Excavators, with our brand new Excavator arriving this month.Our machines have been specifically designed to work in urban and suburban areas predominantly working with the utility and construction industry, although this versatile equipment can be used for all sorts of day to day tasks. The Suction Excavator is self contained and requires little set up, so it assures fast vacuum excavation without the risk of affecting or damaging any underground utilities, tree roots or sensitive underground apparatus, all this is achieved with the waste material contained within the Suction Excavators body so there is no waste left on site. About us

How it works The suction excavator is designed to dig a hole in the ground, but to do so in such a way as to prevent damaging anything buried in the ground such as utilities.Once the top layer of the ground is removed, such as concrete, paving slabs, tarmac etc. the air lance will break up and loosen the soil to prepare it to be excavated. As the ground is loosened, it is removed by suction and stored in a vacuum/holding container, either to be used as backfill or to be hauled away for disposal. This allows you to expose buried utilities safely.Please visit to see a video of our Suction Excavator in action.

IN ACTION From this video you can see the potential of our machines and how quickly and easily they can excavate to locate unforeseen utilities. Once the top layer of the ground was broken, the excavation only took 1 minute and 30 seconds, although excavation time varies from job to job.


…ContinuedSafety is the first priority on any job. By using a Suction Excavator you can eliminate the risk of striking unforeseen utilities and therefore preventing injury. Are you working to a deadline​? Have you had setbacks and need to get the job done fast? Using a Suction Excavator can help you meet your deadlines with up to a 70% increase in production. Got a budget you need to stick to? Then hire us to save you money! With no tipping costs, 70% increase in production and no damage costs a Suction Excavator can help you get the job done cost effectivelySafeProductiveCost Effective

On the JobAbove are some pictures of the Suction Excavator in action. These pictures illustrate how the excavator can prevent utility strikes of unknown services. It can operate around difficult to reach areas and gets the job done more efficiently and quickly compared to the usual open cut methods.

…ContinuedThese pictures show more examples of how effective this unique piece of machinery is. Once the selected area is excavated, the material will then be tipped on site and then collected by grab lorries which we also supply or the contained material can be used for backfill.

case studyLondon Sustainability Industrial Park – Trial Hole Excavation Demonstration - May 201318 trial holes were excavated using vacuum excavation methods.

About our vehicles All our vehicles are equipped with thefollowing:10m3 hoppersTriple stage fans Full remote control of vehicle and suction unit 8 metre arms (non powered for extra safety) ideally suited for utility workWe are proud to say that we have the largest and most powerful Suction Excavators in the UK. Compared to other companies that provide Excavators, we can confidently say that ours will get the job done more safely and efficiently with no set backs.

Our Driver’s Our drivers are all fully trained at the vehicle manufacturing site in Germany and they then undergo additional refresher training courses to ensure that they operate to the best possible standard. The course covers the following:Development and history of suction excavator technologyAreas of application for suction excavatorsAdvantages of suction excavation over traditional methodsPerformance comparisonConsiderations given to environmental issuesHow a suction excavator operates and its component partsIntroduction on - safe, correct and effective use of the suction excavator

SAFETY At Suc-Exc UK Ltd, safety is our first priority. All of our drivers are all qualified and trained to the highest standard so we can ensure the job is carried as safely as possible. Using suction excavators is the safest possible way to excavate around utilities and services. Hand digging not only puts your workers at physical risk, but also puts your company in financial danger. Just one hit to a major electrical conduit or gas pipeline can injure or kill your employee and bankrupt your company. So using an excavator will eliminate this possibility as it uses 95% air.

Possible applicationUnderground construction work around buried lines for all pipeline and cable network operatorsEmergency repair service for all pipeline and cable network operatorsRailway trackside maintenance and repairClearing away environmental damageReplacement of contaminated soil around the roots of treesCreation of starting and termination pits in applications involving the use of ground displacement rocketsRemoval of material in demolition and rehabilitation projectsExposition of structures to be waterproofedRemoval of gravel from flat roofsCleaning blocked street gutters and gulliesClean-up at accident sites, after damage and natural disastersIndustrial applications, e.g. in refineries and in chemical plantsApplication for special operations

Our clientsWe have supplied our excavators to some of the largest construction and utility companies in the industry. VolkerFitzpatrick- Exposing utility services Bam Nuttals- Olympic ParkSkanska/ National Grid- Gas, Electric Morrison’s- Gas, Electric CCM- GasKLT- GasEDF Energy- UtilitiesJ.B Rineys- Cross Rail contractStifler & Wilson- SubstationsEsso Garage- Substations

WHY USE US With our specialist service provision, our dedicated team and overriding attention to all safety aspects of any job means that you can depend on us to complete the job successfully without any setbacks. Our service rates are competitive and we can tailor hires to your specific requirements, whether short term or long term contracts. Our company offers the highest level of service and the best excavation operators for the job.

Want to hire a Suction Excavator from Suc-Exc UK?Providing you with the Most Powerful Excavators in the UK at the most competitive prices. Whether for domestic or for utilities, our Suction Excavator for Hire service is all you need!If you have a project and you think that our suction excavator technology would benefit you then please contact our staff and we will answer any questions you may have. CONTACT US