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Published Jul 26, 2013 in Business & Management
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Cocker Spaniel Puppies for Sale
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Finding the best Cocker Spaniels puppies for sale can be very challenging and at times costly. Cocker spaniels being among the most beautiful and intelligent dogs out there are in high demand. The Cocker Spaniel is one of the most beautiful and intelligent dog breed and they always makes a terrific house pet. It is also said that in many dog shows the Cocker Spaniel breed are the best and are recorded to have won in most contests than any other dog breed. This intelligent and loyal dog breed makes an excellent household pet, and therefore should always be kept indoors for a long period of time.

It is important to note the two different strains of the Cocker spaniel breed. The two are Working strain and Show strain. The two strains have different characteristics and therefore important to note the difference. The working strain is more active as compared to Show strain spaniel although both are charming and very friendly. To find the best puppies on sale check out for best rates.
Working Cocker is however known to demand more mental stimulation than Show Cocker because of the nature of what it was bred to do, therefore it is very important that people looking for Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale know the kind of Strain that they are ready to be with so that they can meet their demands and cope with their behavioral requirements.

What to know about Cocker spaniel puppies
These are some of the characteristics that makes the Cocker Spaniel puppies unique and makes them lovable. You can get more tips and ideas about the spaniels breed at amaroo.
Cocker spaniels have stunningly long beautiful hair that need to be brushed regularly
The breed is very friendly especially to kids.
Cocker Spaniel breed lives between 12 to 15 years.
Their ears need to be cleaned regularly to keep away infections.
The average height of a grown male Cocker spaniel is between 14 to15 inches while the females are between 13 to14 inches.
The average weight of male Cocker spaniel is 11-13 Kg and 10kg to 12kg.
The Cocker Spaniel are always alert and intelligent making them receptive to training and coping with any environment.

Brief history of Cocker spaniels
Before buying any puppies one on may want to know a little history and various characteristics when they come across any Cocker Spaniel puppies on sale. Below is a brief history that explains how the Cocker Spaniel has evolved over a period of over 500 years and become one of the most beautiful and loyal dog breed in the world.
Cocker Spaniels have been around for quite a long time estimated to be over 500 years. In the past they were divided into 'land' and 'water' Spaniels. It is said that among the Spaniels groups the Cocker Spaniel has become the most distinct types seen now since the 19th Century according to weight classifications. In the 19th Century the Cocker type were characterized to be around 5-9 Kilograms. As time went by the Kennel Club placed a Cocker Spaniel of around 11 Kilograms which is what has turned to be the current 'Cocker'.

Attention given to the Cocker Spaniel
The Cocker Spaniels must attended to by brushing and combing thoroughly always preferably every day. The hair of the dog should also have professional attention which involves grooming and plucking excessive hair on their bodies. This should be done preferably every 4 months.
The ears of the dog Cocker spaniel puppies need special attention and be cleaned every now and then as they are more susceptible to infections.
Like any other special dog breed the Cocker Spaniel should undergo training and as much as it is also willing to learn the training given to the puppies should be very consistent though not overly firm.
Another special activity that everyone loves and should never be forgotten for the Cocker Spaniel puppies is to keep it active. Best activities that one can give to the Cocker Spaniel is to walk it around for at least twice a day in a play-yard around. While walking the puppy or dog around, be sure to avoid brushes that may tangle the coat. To learn more about cocker spaniel please visit

Cocker spaniels is considered one of the most beautiful, intelligent and loyal dog breed among the others. This article gives details one would need to know when looking for a Cocker spaniel dog to buy.

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