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Published Jul 11, 2013 in Politics
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ALEC - What You Need to Know

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

How a Bill Becomes Law?

Who Are They?
Established in 1973 as a “Think Tank”
Motto: Limited Government · Free Markets · Federalism
Membership includes legislators from all over the country
Many multinational corporations are also members of ALEC
Writes “Model Legislation” with corporations
Convinces state legislators to pick up and carry the bills home
Bills are fast tracked in Red controlled states, simultaneously
Many bills preempt local government control (“Home Rule”)
Bills detrimental to elderly, working class, middle class and the poor
Claims not to be a lobbying group
Enjoys a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt status

How Do They Do This?
ALEC holds annual meetings
Legislators and corporate heads from all over the country attend
“Model Legislation” is presented and accepted
ALEC goes to work nationwide to get it passed

Friends of ALEC
Recognize Anyone?

Corporate Members

“Model Legislation” Pushed in Florida
Castle Doctrine
Fracking Chemicals
Stand Your Ground
Prison Privatization
Parent Trigger
Preemption of Paid Sick Leave
Voter Suppression
A+ Education Plan
Pension Reform

United States of ALEC

ALEC Backlash:
Stand Your Ground
Public outrage over the killing of Travon Martin
“Stand Your Ground” law tied to ALEC
Corporations start to pull out of ALEC
Distance themselves from the organization.

What You Can Do – More Information
Watch the full Moyers “United States of ALEC” video
Pressure Florida legislators to leave ALEC
Pressure corporate brands to leave ALEC
Educate your friends and family on ALEC
Visit ALEC’s website and read their “Model Legislation”
Pay attention next session & see how many ALEC bills are introduced/passed
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