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Published Jun 20, 2013 in Entertainment
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What my parents think of famous people.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Few Men of Tumblr
according to my parents
by ravenousfangirl

David Tennant
Mom: Some British guy?

Dad: Doctor TARDIS

Tom Hiddleston
Mom: Jake from State Farm, Jake Holland

Dad: I know it's not Jake from State Farm

Robert Downey Jr.
Mom: Iron Man

Dad: Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man

Chris Hemsworth
Mom: That stupid guy from that movie you cry about

Dad: Nice hair like mine

Chris Evans
Mom: Looks constipated, poopface

Dad: Looks familiar but yeah, constipated

Misha Collins
Mom: NCIS, that guy who does the math..or is that Criminal Minds

Dad: Really needs a haircut, is he gay? Criminal Minds

Jensen Ackles
Mom: Is he gay? He should come clean the kitchen floors

Dad: Supersomething? One of the gay brothers who complains a lot

Jared Padalecki

Mom: Jared, we got haircuts today he shoul've come!

Dad: Superthingy, other brother who has genital herpes
Only episode he saw was 5x08

Matt Smith
Mom: That's a guy? Transgender

Dad: Where's his eyebrows?

Martin Freeman
Mom: Wrinkly and old, he should rub my feet

Dad: Some stupid netflix show?

Flibberflab Butternut

Mom: European, Sherlock right?

Dad: The guy who was supposed to be black in Star Trek

Andy Biersack
I threw him in here to see what they would say
Mom: Creepy, I don't want to know
"He's in a band, mom."
Death band.

Dad: Like an emo spawn of KISS.