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Published Jun 19, 2013 in Technology
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To make an effective website you do not need several weeks to plan, develop, and publish your Web using the discussion forums. Read on and follow the simple 8 steps to make an attractive website.

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To make an effective website you do not need several weeks to plan, develop, and publish your Web using the discussion forums. Read on and follow the simple 8 steps to make an attractive website. 1 - Choose a template The first step to know how to make a web page consists of choosing a template, or what is the same, the image on your web page. You can choose from a variety of templates with predefined designs that allow you to start with a website, because you will only have to personalize it and fill it with your content to make it unique. No matter how simple is your Web site, it is important to crea te a Basic Plan of how it will be structured to your website, that information is your s you want your visitors to see, keep a list of the categories that going to include, and of how the navigation on your site. 2 - Type the content Once you've chosen your default design template, the next step in creating your web is complete your page with your content and make it unique. You can add or delete pages in your web, change the texts in your template with just click on them, add your images, add your videos or embed them directly from YouTube or Vimeo, incorporate social networking icons type Facebook, Twitter or Flickr for your web users to share your content online, to include maps from Google Maps to locate your business easily create forms in secon ds and more, simply using 'drag and drop' the elements that you want on your page. It is important to have in mind that the Internet user does not read the content of the website as if you were reading a newspaper, so it uses clear titles, descriptive subt itle, and short paragraphs to make your own website easier to read and understand. 3 - Minimize the use of images Images add a powerful impact to any web design, but you have to know how to play well with th em and not to saturate the pages with images or unnecessary icons. The key is in the balance, and you need to make an eye - catching web design, but effective. 4 - Careful with the colors and fonts of your website A basic theme to make your website look professi onal is the proper use of color and typography. Do not use bright colors , or similar.

5 - Screen resolutions Today, there is great diversity of used screen resolutions. 1024 × 768 screen resolution works best for many people around the world , but you will als o find other different resolutions that must be taken into account when making a web page. 6 - Cross - browser coding support Another very well - known topic, make our website compatible with different browsers on the market. Basically, when you design a web site, worry about that to look good in Firefox , Chrome, Safari and Opera... mention apart it is internet explorer, which will give you many headaches to get make your website look equal in it than in the other browsers. 7 - Publish your pages Once you've created, s een in advance, and you have saved every page of your site, it's time to publish your entire Web site. If you have been using the instruments of design of sites provided by your Internet service provider can be as easy as a click to publish your site. Othe rwise, you will need to use an FTP (file transfer protocol) program to transfer the files from your computer to your website (Hosting). There are many (free) FTP programs available online. 8 - Check accessibility of your Web site Yourw eb site is already in the network ?You will have to check all the links to work to ensure that all users can have access to your pages. Make sure that your site works in a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. And finally navigate on your site as if you were a visitor, see if you like what you see and if it is a minor problem solve it. Finally the construction and maintenance of a Web site may seem intimidating to beginners, but using appropriate design tools is easy for beginners to create attractiv e and effective websites. So if you follow these steps and access to discussion forums on Web design you will discover how to make a website in a few hours. Summary: Are you looking to make a website ? Simply visit to find out more. Visit our site to learn more :