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How to Navigate the Great Credit Search

Published Jun 13, 2013 in Business & Management
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1888 Press Release - The latest AmeriQuest blog exposes the fiction and facts of credit availability for the transportation fleet industry.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

How to Navigate the Great Credit Search
1888 PressRelease - The latest AmeriQuest blog exposes the fiction and facts of credit availability for the transportation fleet industry.

CHERRY HILL, NJ - There's a myth out there that getting credit for upgrading or replacing fleet vehicles and equipment is extremely difficult. That may be true for those with considerable business difficulties, but not for secure companies. That's the main point that Neal Weeks, AmeriQuest's Vice President of Syndication & Operations, makes in this week's blog.

The posting suggests four important steps to take before you actually embark on a search for credit finding:

1. Make an honest assessment of your company's financial status - If your creditworthiness is minimal, there are options and financial institutions that can help supply credit.

2. Consider leasing vehicles and equipment rather than purchasing - Depending on the kind of lease agreement entered into, companies can get great benefits with minimal risk.

3. Deal with companies that specialize in financing transportation and capital equipment needs - Your bank may not be able to get you the most flexible financing. AmeriQuest has experts in the transportation field who are able to perform in-depth analysis to arrive at the right financing plan for each company.

4. Make your CFO see the benefits of upgrading your fleet - CFO's see the bottom line. It's important to have all the information necessary to prove to senior management that the upgrades performed will lead to a positive ROI.

Weeks goes into significant detail on how to accomplish each of these steps in a way that helps make the case for getting the needed credit. His blog can be viewed in full at

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