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Published Jan 20, 2015 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Rethinking Success for Indigenous Students intersecting dynamics of health and cultural relevance in shaping educational environments Sarah Hunt, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University Sarah Hunt, 2012.

Acknowledging the traditional territories of the Central Coast Salish, Lekwungen peoples Sarah Hunt, 2012.

Indigenous people and education Reconciling the recent residential school experience involves addressing the lasting impacts on mental and physical wellbeing and transforming the relationship to educational spaces Sarah Hunt, 2012.

Health and Cultural Relevance in Context Integrating principles about Indigenous community revitalization and decolonization in to our concepts of health Relationality Self - determination Agency How do we understand these relating to education? H ow can education play a role in the broader revitalization of Indigenous communities? Sarah Hunt, 2012.

Relationality Indigenous knowledge is broadly founded in the relational nature or interconnectedness of all beings and forms of knowledge Relationality is central to understanding what students, as their success is related contextualized within their broader family and community relationships Need to balance community needs and Indigenous worldviews with the pressures of educational attainment Sarah Hunt, 2012.

Self Determination Residential schools were integral to denying - determination, as an assimilative project How can our current educational institutions transform this relationship and contribute instead to developing Indigenous peoples capacity for self - determination? Requires much healing, developing a sense of wellness and building the skills and capacity of native people to fill important roles in their communities Indigenizing tools of knowledge production curriculum, methodologies, pedagogies Sarah Hunt, 2012.

Agency agency, their ability to make decisions about their own lives and that of their families Education can foster opportunities for students to increase their ability to be independent and to make future choices Must avoid telling students what to do or trying to own choices Sarah Hunt, 2012.

N ET? 4 - year pilot at the University of Victoria, involving 200 Indigenous undergrad students Bursary and emergency relief funds Mentorship Preparation seminar Community internships Research apprenticeships Short - term outcomes 20% increase in graduation rates 67% reduction in withdrawal rates One extra year of persistence Long - 400% increase in PhD student enrolment (2005 - 2010) Sarah Hunt, 2012.

LE,NO N ET Principles Six principles were found to be integral to programs that contributed to the personal and academic success of Indigenous students: Reciprocal l earning Supporting Indigenous identity development Culturally relevant programming Community building Relationship building Individualized programming Sarah Hunt, 2012.

Rethinking success for Indigenous students Sarah Hunt, PhD Candidate Simon Fraser University To download the full LE,NO N ET report: Sarah Hunt, 2012.