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Published Jun 6, 2013 in Education
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Unit 12 millennium

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

America 2000 - Today

The space race
This would lead to TV
TV would redefine the American household
By 1970, there are over 60 million tvs
Now we can SEE the world
Communications technology is at the forefront of America

TV is the most powerful communication device in history
America now watches the most TV in the world
In the 1970’s that’s over 5 hours a day
The landing on the moon is shown live on tv

TV also showed America the horrors on war
Specifically, the Vietnam War (1965-1975)
The baby boom generation are the ones fighting
There is a war “draft” for the Vietnam War
The 1960’s were very chaotic for America
There were hippies, and anti war protesters

Protests and counterculter were common
They protested against the Vietnam War
For better or for worse, America was changing
The students of the 60’s and 70’s would become the leaders of the 1990’s (Bill Clinton for example)

Vietnam conclusion
America remembers the pictures of the War
America lost the war
Russia really won the war
It was a very hurtful time for America
Many are still hurt by it

American morals
American morals are changing
Some change was good (Womens rights, black equality)
Other changes have devastated America (Abortion, Sexual revolution, Political scandals, Gay celebration)
TV was a big part of showing this change

Ronald Reagan
The president from 1980-1988
Reagan got America back on track
Americans were proud once again
He use to be an actor so he was familiar with TV and how it could be used
He was called “The great communicator”

A time of great financial prosperity for America
Many people became millionaires
Credit cards are now used by average people– a lot
However, debt is now increasing as well
Technology boomed in the 1980’s

The space shuttle
The most advanced space vehicle ever created
It can return to earth after launch
It also helped develop the cell phone and other technologies
The shuttle disaster happened in 1986 when a space shuttle exploded during takoff
However, the space shuttles continued to launch even after the disaster

Space to cyberspace
In the 1990’s the internet became popular
It was now the ultimate communication device
We have come from the telegraph in the civil war to the telephone to the TV and to the internet today
Now, everyone is using the internet

Apple and Microsoft
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the first personal computer
Bill Gates created the most popluar operating system on the planet- Windows
By the 1990’s, Gates was a billionaire
In the 2000’s, Apple would dominate in smart phone sales and tablet sales

America’s greatest challenge
On September 11, 2001, America was attacked by Islamic extremists
Over 3,000 people are killed
This attack is compared to Pearl Harbor in WW2
These attacks would change American foreign policy for the next 12 years

The darkest day
America’s darkest day
No one saw it coming
It was the worst foreign attack on American soil in the history of the country
Four planes are destroyed- two in the twin towers, one in the pentagon and one in Pennsylvania

American response
America responds with courage and a desire for justice
Al Qaeda was the terrorist group that led the attack
America would take the fight to Al Qaeda and decimate them in the years to come
The war on terror is still ongoing- but 9/11 is what we look to to “never forget”

The final word
America is truly a “melting pot”
People still come to America for the dream to be anything they want to be
Hard work can achieve almost anything in the USA
Out of many – come one
America is unified in its diversity

Extra Point
We have come from Washington to Obama in 224 years
George Washington- First President
Barack Obama- 44th President