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Published Jun 5, 2013 in Other
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

little things to be grateful for in the 1D fandom
by me, katiestylinsons

bc lord knows i need this right now
did u see what i did there?
did u?

lou teasdale is taken
Shit i am on a roll this wasnt even intentional
U dont believe me, do u?
bc this lucky fucker gets paid to touch their hair and basically see them shirtless
think of all the jealousy and drama we are avoiding :’)
Yes shirtless picture was nessicary
and i cant spell

shut up
+++ for baby lux

haylor is over
Can i get a hallelujah??
i mean oh noes, Harry you were so happy with her

look at that smile
arrows are the shit, ok
wtf even is this??

niall’s deleted tweets
tryin to fit them all
niall i love u

larry look-alikes
probably should have put a warning on this pp
ooops penis

niall is still forever alone
its ok baby
we love you
look at that little tushie
I guess you had your chance at love baby

rip neaf
whoops where did that picture come from

this is embarrasing

puberty. that is all
look at this fucking band
Its not bullying if ive sold my soul to them

the end
now hopefully everyone will be happy like this
Puppy liam w/actual puppy