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Published May 29, 2013 in Software
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Web-based Benefits Administration for Direct Employers

Your Challenge in 2013
Employees expect excellent and simple benefits administration from you
Benefits administration must be easy enough to use for all employees, but powerful enough to ensure accuracy, with the proper controls and government compliance
Updating and maintaining systems is expensive and cumbersome
Your system needs to be cost effective
Administration and communication capabilities are critical

Your Challenge in 2013 (contd.)
Many benefits administration solutions are not designed for medium-sized and smaller customers
Many solutions are not flexible in terms of administrating customers in multiple states with multiple benefits packages for different types of employees

How We Can Help You
An easy to implement solution that is simple for:
Your administration staff
The employee user
Senior management
A solution that is and will continue to be compliant with regulations and up-to-date
A solution that is currently live and tested
A solution devised to be cost effective, and geared to middle market and smaller clients

Flexibility—Your choice
We administer and implement
Your employees know they are working with eLect

Private Label
We are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the platform
You do the administration
Your employees do not know they are using the eLect platform

Software License
You license our software
We work with you on implementation, but ongoing maintenance is your responsibility

Why We Are Different
1. We are experienced “roll up your sleeves” benefit
administrators by practice.
Over 90 years combined experience in benefits administration and HR (solutions, compliance, trusted Advisors)

2. We are experienced benefit administration
technologists and systems implementers.
Played key roles in the design, development, marketing and growth of proprietary benefits administration and HR solutions in the USA

Why We Are Different
3. We have taken best practices and lessons learned
from every sector of industry.
- F50, F100, F500, F1000, SMB
- Over 1,500 plan designs implemented

4. We support Benefit Administration Providers--

Advantage: Enrollment
24x7 Access
Matching Beneficiary Designation

Advantage: Eligibility
System driven audits and validations—Who is eligible?
Administrator (not IT) -defined eligibility
Benefits can be customized to individual groups

Advantage: Reporting
Executive Dashboard access
Business intelligence and analysis reports

Advantage: Communication
Secure message center
Administrator defines where communications go—individual or groups

Content Management
Administrator defined
Administrator controlled

Advantage: Cost Effective
No hardware investment
State of the art software and security
Role-based administration
Automatic back-up/disaster recovery
No maintenance and update costs

A Look at the Product

Content Management
- All content is controlled by the designed administrator
- Changes can be scheduled or they can be immediate

Customized Employee Web Portal

Secure Message Center
Employees use the Contact US and Inbox feature to securely communicate with designated administrators
Secure Message Center is HIPAA HITECH compliant

Administrator Portal
Dashboard Reporting (Demographic, Benefits and Enrollment View)
Access Service Requests from the Bulletin Board
Search Employee Feature

Administrator Portal
Access employee elections, dependents and beneficiaries for add and edit capabilities

Data Export and Reporting
Drag and drop fields you need. Sort, filter and generate your report


Built by Benefit Administrators for Benefit Administrators