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Published May 23, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Why choosing Switzerland as an Investment Place?

Presentation by
Robert Vrijhof, Zurich, Switzerland

Investing in Switzerland – the center of Europe!
Small in Numbers!
Big Impacts!

Swiss people work hard to be top in a per capita comparision!
Small Swiss real GDP
Big Swiss real per capita GDP

Total Exports (merchandise and services) of some selected countries in USD
Total Exports –
Small Switzerland
Per capita total Exports
– Big Switzerland
In Billion USD

Direct Investments by Foreigners in selected Countries in 2012
Switzerland: Small Country
Switzerland: Big Country
In bn USD
In % to GDP
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Swiss Equity Market in an International Comparison

Fortune’s Ranking of the top 500 largest companies of the World by revenues!

US Stock Market: Has the DJI left the «Bear Market» and will it guide the Financial World further up to 20’000?
1900 - 1920
1933 - 1945
Bear market

International Equity Markets: Total Return Index in USD (January 1982 = 100)

Exchange Rate of the Swiss Franc: Strong appreciation in the long run!

International Inflation: Close to Zero in the industrialized World! No acceleration expected so far!

The Flooding of the World with Liquidity by the Major Central Banks: Will it bring back Growth or Inflation or both? However, Stock Markets are applauding!
Development of the Monetary Base in Billion USD

Interest Rates in Switzerland: The low domestic Inflation, the strong CHF and the international supply of liquidity by Central banks keep them down!

USA: After 60 Years Bond Yields are below 2 per cent again. However, the World has changed significantly in the meantime! The PPP of the USD sunk and new States were arising!
CHF per USD in 1950: 4.32
CHF per USD in 2013: 0.93
EUR per USD in 1950 (synth.): 0.87
EUR per USD in 2012: 0.75
Consumer Price Index in 1950: 100.0
Consumer Price Index in 2012: 964.5
US GDP per capita in 1950: USD 1’929
US GDP per capita in 2012: USD 49’290
CH GDP per capita in 1950: USD 1’083
CH GDP per capita in 2012: USD 81’070
US Government debt per capita in 1950: USD 1677
US Government debt per capita in 2012: USD 50’665
CH Government debt per capita in 1950: USD 378
CH Government debt per capita in 2012: USD 28’261

Gold price: Strongly influenced by Inflation, Supply of Money and overall Economic Development! The actual Weakness of Demand is temporary!
Index: January 1, 1970 = 100
Gold price 01.01.1970 USD 35
Gold price 22.08.2011 USD 1912
Gold price 30.04.2013 USD 1468

Commodity Prices: Strong price rises for Crude Oil often stimulate the demand for Gold
Higher oil price stimulates the OPEC countries' economies but reduces growth in oil importing countries
Higher oil price stimulates demand for gold particularly in emerging markets and oil producing countries
The increase in production cost for oil and gold will keep prices rather high on a long term perspective
However, in the coming months the oil price as well as the gold price will rather fall than increase
Source: Thomson Reuters Datastream

What does WHVP offer?
Managed Accounts > USD 500’000.00
IRA Accounts > USD 500’000.00 Through Valartis Austria
Variable Annuities > USD 100’000.00 Through NMG Managed by WHVP in the SSP Fund