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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The hate csi is getting lately is bothering me, peeps

Now I’m not saying you can’t have your own opinion
Opinions are neat
See this guy thinks so too
Fuck yea opinions
But I gots my own too and I learned how to do powerpoint on tumblr so here we go

See this logo? It’s cool right
Well it’s changed a lot
Yeah see this was back
In season one when no one cared 
And there’s more I didn’t post

And this is a perfect metaphor for how much the show
has changed over the years
Just like marg’s hairstyles
And this is only 4
seasons in, bro

So what’s my point you ask?
Simple: things change
Remember him?
“the show sucks SO bad since Grissom
left OMG!!!1”
If you think that, that’s cool
It’s also cool if you think it
sucks since cath and warrick
are gone
Remember this sexy anti-social motherfucker?

But the show has been on for thirteen years now
Casts come and go in tv, that’s normal
More than half the original writers are gone, that’s normal too
See this lovely lady?
This is Sarah Goldfinger
she’s responsible for writing some
episodes you might remember

And she’s not a writer on csi anymore
 Now this gent is David Rambo
He wrote this little episode
He no longer writes on CSI

well i’ll tell you angry stock photo person
Things change
People change
Actors change roles
The crew of shows change
Storylines change
Characters come and go
After 13 years sometimes stories can get dull
Yes, the show has changed over 13 seasons
No, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing
Yes, it’s okay to still love the show
no, this is not unique only to csi
Yes, it’s okay to not like the show anymore
But give it a chance

I know this
Isn’t the same as this
And I miss billy and marg as much as the next person

but you know ted danson has been pretty fucking awesome
And lisa shue has fit in
they are not grissom and
catherine but they weren’t
ever meant to be
Thought went into them
They were integrated well
It wasn’t rushed or forced
unlike some other people
sorry ray

No I didn’t forget bby morgan
I like morgan
i don’t like this love triangle thing
But morgan’s a’ight with me
If for no other reason
give her a chance because it finally
made ecklie stop being such a dick

And you know what we still have original cast members
remember them?
Yup still here
And they’re still awesome
And adorable
And amazing
Seriously just look at these 3 ok
I think jorja was drunk here or something
idk but BABIES

lots of people are complaining about storylines with the original
remaining cast members and the lack of continuity and unless
we were watching a different show this season idk what that’s all
I thought this season was pretty fucking
awesome for the original cast
gasp continuity from
S12 finale
We had some awesome character-centric storylines for these guys
when they could have just focused on the new characters if they
had wanted to
See no pictures here because this is srs business
There was continuity even if it wasn’t constant
They can only fit in so much
But I feel so spoiled with what they did give us
if you don’t, don’t worry i’mma break it down here in a sec

Alright to start us off: KARMA TO BURN
Ok so we got drunk/reckless nick
having a life crisis because of the
corruption and the darkness of the
job taking its toll
We got sara bring a bamf
and not taking any of his
shit cuz they’re tight like
And we got GREGGO as the
voice of reason telling them
to chill the fuck out cuz they
be bros
gasp character
Now idk bout
you but I
thought this
was pretty

2 greg-centric eps and GASP continuity
Remember that book he wrote
How about greg being a bamf
be still ovaries
GASP more continuity
Remember in s6 when greg
Mentioned his psychic grandma

How about sara being accused of murder
GASP continuity from ep 2 of the season
I see no issue here

Look at him with sam
otp: adorbs
and he’s actually dating
We also got to see nick do
what he does best
protecting his family

And are we going to just
forget fallen angels?
This ep was all about continuity
Showing that the csis haven’t forgotten
we saw eli and tina
The state of warrick’s family after
his horrible death
how they’ll all start to heal

We also FINALLY got to meet mama sidle
And brass’ wife but I couldn’t find a cap
And don’t forget this guy
this was a FANTASTIC
sara season btw

Now no pics again because this is srs
gsr. I know we’re all upset
but think about it guys
Think about all the gratuitous grissom mentions we got
How much 13x10 and 13x15 revolved around gsr
The gsr subtext in 13x20
Grissom’s VOICE
We always complain we don’t get gsr and then when we do
we complain because we think they’re not doing it right
As a gsr shipper I’m the first to admit that
We can’t have it both ways guys
And I know it sucks that they’re broken up

So this was all very long and unnecessary but I hope everyone
understands where I’m coming from when I say I still love csi
and always will