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AmeriQuest Business Services' Doug Clark Interviewed on CEO Intronet

Published Apr 24, 2013 in Business & Management
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1888 Press Release - AmeriQuest's CEO explains what's behind the growth in popularity of outsourcing business services.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

AmeriQuest Business Services' Doug Clark Interviewed on CEO Intronet
1888 Press Release - AmeriQuest's CEO explains what's behind the growth in popularity of outsourcing business services.

CHERRY HILL, NJ - As the economy rebounds, companies looking to be more efficient in managing their overhead costs and back office operations are turning in greater numbers to outsource these essential services, said Doug Clark, President and CEO of AmeriQuest Business Services in a video roundtable discussion on outsourcing posted on the social media network CEO Intronet.

"Companies looking to be efficient in their overhead and processing are moving to outsourcing, so it's more prevalent today than it has been before," Clark said in in the video roundtable with CEO Intronet host Patti Owens. He noted that AmeriQuest Business Services, with its focus on technology and back office operations, is making financial sense to a growing number of companies who recognize that an outsourcing company can perform certain tasks better than they can do on their own, thereby freeing them up to focus on their core competency.

The host posed the question of what it takes to choose the right outsourcing partner. "The word 'partner' is essential," Clark noted. "You need to look at the culture of the outsourcing company before you get involved with them. The two most important points are that both cultures are in alignment and that the outsourcing company is going to do what they say they are going to do."
AmeriQuest's Clark is also interviewed one-on-one by CEO Intronet, the private network for CEOs and business owners. The question is posed of what exactly AmeriQuest does for clients. Clark's answer is very simple: "It's a simple proposition," he said. "We reduce costs."

The leader of one of the Philadelphia region's fastest growing companies explained that it's important for prospective clients in an outsourcing arrangement to look for an outsource service provider which charges based on performance and structures its fees to adjust with how well a business is doing. "If you're transactions go down, your costs dealing with the outsourcing company should go down, too. That way, it's a no-lose proposition."

AmeriQuest has based its success on outsourcing on three platforms that are common to nearly any type of business. The first is supply management, which allows for aggregated purchasing of supplies and services at a much lower cost that if they were to be purchased by an individual organization. The second is managed services, which can run from the financing to capital equipment to remarketing used equipment. The third is financial process automation, which can include accounts payable, workflow solutions, accounts receivable, and what Clark's calls the B2B virtual credit card. "The technology and the knowledge we bring to the table in addition to the very calculable savings is what's allowing us to grow very quickly," Clark said.

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