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Published Apr 11, 2013 in Business & Management
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How to, when to, and what to do in conducting an investigation. Copyright 2013, The Wright Group. Visit to learn more.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

How To, When To and What To Do in
Conducting an Investigation

July 10, 2013

Chris M. Wright

How to Prepare for an Investigation

1. Gather facts

2. Determine merits

3. Complying

4. Maintain confidentiality

5. Preserving reputations

6. Remedial action

7. Avoiding liability and preventing future claims

Now You Know You Need a Formal Investigation
Give Thought to Who Should Conduct the Investigation

Are there particular skills needed?
Financial mismanagement?
Active Listening skills

Critical thinking skills

Knowledge of company policies, procedures and practices
Do we need more than one investigator due to complexity of the case or timing issues ?

Consider the Position and Authority of the Complaint and the Accused
Any perception of bias might evoke among witnesses

Any potential impact on business operation

Solid knowledge of the company policies, procedures and practices

Document Review
Reserve all electronic data

No destruction or deletion of documents or email

Preserve all archived tapes and materials

Relevant Physical Evidence

Witness Statement

Personnel Files

Written policies, procedures, practices and computer records


Identification of Key Witnesses
Related witnesses
Key witnesses

Create a chronology of events and an outline for each witness.

Outline Topics
Applicable company policies
Summary of the complaint
Names and identities of all relevant witnesses
Relevant employment information on the complaint, the accused and the key witness
Specifics of each incident
Identify other possible witnesses, new leads and new documents
Resolve conflicting witness accounts without identifying the witness
Potentially related claims and relevant information

Using Social Media for Investigations
Social Mention. Com
Pulls up social media with the key words
Pulls up photos, public records, blogs, microblogs, twitter
Gateway to 60 different social media sites
Covers facebook and twitter
Can narrow down by date
Facebook search tool that locates the user based on their username

Internet sites
Searches based on name, nickname, phone number or email address
Searches photos, bing, blogs, twitter
Great starting point. Searches numerous online and public databases

A Little bit about Privacy Issues
Fair Credit Report Act
Authority to Release
General Privacy Issues
Permissible Purpose

Copyright 1997 Merritt Publishing

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Copyright 1997 Merritt Publishing

Chris M. Wright, CPP