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10 Dog Training Tips

Published Apr 9, 2013 in Animals
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The most successful dog trainers simply believe that training a dog is just like creating an aura of ecstasy

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

10 Dog Training Tips

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The most successful dog trainers simply believe that training a dog is just like creating an aura of ecstasy, trials and tribulations as if you are nurturing a child but just a little bit different with the fact that these training programs involves a toddler with canines. Although, it is not a very suitable thought to treat your dog like a human, so there must be some limitations that must be drawn.
There are various approaches as how to train a dog, each one leading into new insights about how to deal with every kind of dog’s behavior from being the most aggressive to lying with a silent mode on.
Here are few dog training tips that can be utilized in order to make your dog become as obedient to you as you always wanted them to be:

Begin the Training in a quiet area

Always start your training sessions in an area with minimum amount of interruption such as your home or your lawn or garden area. But, yes as soon as your dog starts understanding your instructions clearly you can jump to next level and in different environments as well as then your dog would already know what you are actually trying to teach

Keep all the training session easy and short

The golden rule of any successful Dog training believes, “Quit while you’re ahead and Leave them wanting more”. If the training sessions are long and difficult then both sides of the coin won’t get any result out of it as the trainer will feel frustrated of teaching and the dog won’t be able to grasp anything ending up with no positive outcome at all.

Get accurate timing

Giving instructions before time and commending after the correct time can be a key cause of confusion to a training dog. Ensure that your commands are very much in response to the dog’s desired behavior. Moreover, repeating the orders as many times as possible can help the dog understand and grasp it quickly. Praise, command and reward should be absolutely simultaneous.

Use actually delicious treats

Food is the ultimate form of pleasure for every dog on this planet. So, basically when your dog performs good while training, after praising your dog you should provide them with basic food treats which help them form a natural tendency to follow all your commands in order to get the treat back.

Build up a variety of exciting rewards

Don’t just rely exclusively on rewards involving food as the dog will lose interest in food as soon as it starts growing. So it will be helpful for the owner in the future to have a common interest later on by cultivating to play with toys. Also, it will facilitate the owner if there is a particular type of treat such as a toy is used for training purposes.

Train the family and friends to be consistent

Consistency in the teaching routine is a key for successful dog training. Enlist all the commands, signals and training techniques and make sure everyone in the house have an access to it and using it consistently.

Be patient

Dogs are smart enough to understand and respond to anything but at the same time each dog has its own speed for learning just like humans. So, the training should be continued unless that particular behavior becomes a part of the built-in mechanism of your dog.

Never punish or become aggressive with your dog

This will only make your dog to lose trust in you and will always think of you as someone who is capable of abuse and your dog will get more aggressive on you.

Use release commands

Using release commands like “that will do” and “now you are done” after every successful action is essential, conveying the dog that now he is done and can rise back thus finishing the routine consistently.

Feel your dog as your partner rather than a subject

Trainers need to understand the fact that every dog needs to be trained in a manner which makes the interaction a pleasurable activity rather than just unexciting task in which both parties couldn’t get much out of it. Training should always be done in a friendly manner to get the most out of it.


The 10 dog training tips are effective in encountering the most common and more predictable problems that can be solved if you adopt the dog training tips with the right approach.
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