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Published Apr 8, 2013 in Technology
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Topic 2

Part 1 - Navigation
 What are the four (4) main points Michael Rappa makes about search?

Michael Rappa main points:

First, Search engines protocol, makes about search is that search allows user to find products and services online. This means that companies are required to advertise online. For this the companies have to pay to search engines like Google and Yahoo to come up in their ranking list.
Second, Keywords "phrase words" users might not be aware of ways to use the search engine, and they do not know the right techniques to search for the right what they wants in very fast way “They put a word, or a question, or a few words in the toolbar on a search engine, and hope for the best”. (Rappa,).I think this point ties in with what we discuss in our previous week the Semantic web and being able to understand what the end user is looking for, well I think the company that can master this style for semantic web would key player in the search provider industry.
Third, Search engines themselves "Business and search engine". The growth in advertising in search engines lead companies to paid search engines to post their advertisement on the first pages of the search result.
Last point, is the ranking algorithm for listing the results.

Part 1 - Navigation
 Watch or read the Marissa Mayer interview. Write a paragraph or two, on four points made by Marissa Mayer, that you think were the most interesting or significant for business. There are no right or wrong answers here, I just want your opinion.
Melissa Mayer made a few interesting points concerning business. The points I found most interesting were:
As she is the vice president of search products and user experience at Google, she is one who helps and decides which of Google engineers’ new concepts get presented to the company’s founders. Gmail, Google maps, Google news and many other applications for the enrichment of business. As she says they work as small team, such as there are 9 engineers doing 3 different things, when they decided to move to 18 engineers they decided that the extra 9 will do another 3 different things. The small teams lead to “a sense of empowerment, people making decisions around what’s the best feature, what do their users need, how are they going to build the best product, and it allows also for them to be really agile” (Mayer, 2009).
Mayer also talked about advertisements on the internet. Understanding to the advertising, which I am very agree with, Putting advertising next to news on their search, I think that advertising is an excellent marketing and business tool to use on the internet. However, they didn’t want to place advertisements for an airline next to a news article about a plane crash; they wanted it to be tasteful. This is interesting as it shows how much thought goes into making such a decision.
What do next.. is the future , I very agree with Marissa Mayer about Google is always thinking about next. Which the key of success and the verity of services.

Part 2 –History of Internet

Bill Joy video, it will give you a good background to the Internet and particularly to the emergence of the World WIde Web.
a)     So what are the 6 webs?
1.    The Near Web is the Internet you use via your Personal Computer.
2.     The Here Web is mobile Internet such as iPhones and iPads.
3.     The Far Web is Internet through HD (high definition) screens and games online.
4.     The Weird Web is using Internet via voice recognition. For example asking your car to do navigation to a street address.
5.     Business to Business (B2B) is where business systems talk to each other without human interaction.
6.     Device to Device (D2D) is where devices talk to each other via data collected by sensors. Example mashed network , restaurant booking.

Part 2 –History of Internet
. Could there be more?
Possibly there might be, as Technology these days is developing rapidly because the society is demanding the supply of these webs. Or likely it can be a possibility that these 6 web would be expanded in-depth.

Part 2 –History of Internet
What does it mean for business?
The 6 Webs for business mean that business have the opportunity to increase their capacity to further reach consumers without having their physical presence. These new technology should be embrace by business to stay in future, not only new business but also existing business can adapt. This way it would attract new customers, in new market.

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