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Why you should let me go into the city with jillian

Published Jan 18, 2013 in Lifestyle
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Why you should let me go into the city with Jillian

~I understand you may be having some doubts but this informative PowerPoint should clear everything up~

It’s ok, I understand
I understand that you may not want me wandering in places like Harlem or even Times Square, but I will be at St. Marks Place.

St. Marks place is a street in the East Village neighborhood of the New York City borough of Manhattan.

A little history lesson
St Marks place was a hippie hangout in the 60s. ? During the 70s, notable punk bands that I love such as The Ramones, Blondie, New York Dolls, and Johnny Thunders would shop here, take photo shoots here, and even LIVE here!

But why do you wanna go here???
St. Marks place is still to this day a punk inspired hipster area where teens hangout. There are multiple lounges, places to eat, record stores, book stores, comic stores, and clothing stores that were big in the 70s that are still around today!

Let’s get down to the main point
Have I ever given you a reason not to trust me?

Can’t think of a time when I gave you a reason?

That’s because I haven’t!

Reasons to trust Jillian (Pt. 1)
She is almost 18 years of age! WOW!
She is probably more responsible than my 22 year old brother
She’s been into the city more times than I can count!
She’s adorable! Come on look at that face!

? ? ? ? ? RESPONSIBLE!

Reasons to trust Jillian (Pt. 2)
Since our advisor knew nothing about Disney World, Jillian had to guide us all through the crowded walkways of Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and what not.
She did a great job, might I add.
She knows what train to take to get to St. Marks Place! How cool of her!
Also, she’s trustworthy!
Did I mention she’s adorable?

He’s a picture of Jillian and I being best friends and cute.

Maybe this will persuade you.

Let’s talk weather
As you have probably already noticed, we are in a heat wave! ?
But tomorrow is gonna be 87°!
That’s the lowest temperature of the week!
And it’s gonna be sunny too! NO RAIN, YAY!

One last thing!
I already have a little money and if I cash my change in, I’ll have more.
Who doesn’t like more money?
This means that I wont be asking to borrow a lot of money. This is good for me, for you, for your wallet, the economy, and the world in general.

To sum everything up
St. Marks Place = safe and awesome.
I’m trustworthy
Jillian is my best friend
Jillian is trustworthy
The weather is gonna be nice
This wont be steep on your wallet
I love you so much

~~~THE END~~~
Thank you for your patience!
You are the best parents ever!
I love you mom
I love you dad
I hope this has convinced you to let me out tomorrow.
Also, I love you.