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Published Mar 25, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

reasons why I can’t have nice things
By footprints-wash3d-away
Ooh look fancy
do you want to get posh because this is getting posh
Falcor you a fine luck dragon too bad I can’t have you

my friends will steal it and drag it to hell
here is a cool collage of a few things I have liked over the years that my friends have copied from me and blown obnoxiously out of proportion/pretended to like
Remember that one time the Jonas Brothers tried to be Fall Out Boy it’s the same deal
Don’t laugh at my Tswizzle it was a dirty phase
Ruined liquid of the gods ova here

oh shit i will be horrible at it
no matter what i do or where i go, i am sure to be horrendous at anything i come into contact with
singing is a big n o
that’ll be a negatory

letting other people down jesus fucking christ
letting your friends and parents down is the worst thing ever and I know this bc I do it all the time okay not fun. everyone has such high expectations for me because apparently im smart or some shit like that????
mom how THE FUCK do you expect me to get perfect grades like this slut over here
i have a blog to run mom this is not okay

ugh letting yourself down
Letting yourself down is also the worst but not as bad as lettign other people down because lets be honest here I am a complete and utter piece of poo
Jfc where is google images getting all these pictures of me
This is what the tenth doctor aka david tennant does when he sees me btw he is another thing my friends have used annoyingly upon being introduced to him

my ultimate conclusion
so to summarize i am bad at just about everything and let just about everyone down in my attmpts to be something. then, as if my luck could not get any worse, a friend either steals it and pretends its ‘their thing’ or copies it and is way better than you.
so in my various trials i have concluded that it would be safer to

i was going to cite my sources like the good law abiding person that i am but then i realised i really only used google images so yeah
stay in school kids