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Published Mar 25, 2013 in Technology
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Very fast, informative introduction into Model-Based Design geared towards the business person. You can find out more at

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

for business folk

Today’s vehicles are complex system designs

They’re made up of loads of tech

This tech interacts

Sometimes in a good way

Sometimes badly

Sometimes catastrophically

Most engineers can’t predict if a design will work

Simulations & physical prototypes provide some info, but they require a lot of detail,

complex math,

intricate geometries,

and a long, long time to formulate

You also need a HUGE brain

So, only a few designs are ever simulated before being built

And you’re
still uncertain whether those designs will work

Model-based Design Optimization (MBDO)
provides 2 BIG benefits

1. It compresses the time to validate a design

2. It expands the number of potential designs explored

MBDO begins
with component models

Models contain math expressions that describe physical behavior
(Modelica is an ideal standard)

Modelica is an open standard featuring thousands of component and subsystem models

Assembled component models form systems and subsystems

Design patterns
ensure models can only fit compatibly

As a designer, you’re free to mix and match components

Even a non-genius can put system designs together
(Okay… maybe not that guy)

Once designed, the system is simulated against product requirements

Will it go up a 10% grade at 90 kph?

Will it carry 3,000 kg?

Will the engine oil temp remain below 200ºC?

Unlimited cloud computing power lets you distribute
MILLIONS of simulations without the IT investment

You can explore all your design options

trade-offs between features and requirements

Target a proven design before heading down
a costly path

The Takeaway
Model-Based Design Optimization (MBDO) lets you arrive at better, proven designs faster

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