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Published Mar 24, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


My birth name is Sacha Elizabeth Cato and I was born in London, Friday 2nd August 1985.

I am the youngest of four children to Mr Joseph Cato Mrs Gloria Cato.

Both Mr and Mrs Cato where born in Grenada, known as “The Island of Spice” and migrated to London in their teenage years where they finished their higher education.

Early Life

I was born and bread in London but more specifically, Fulham where I attended Primary and Secondary education and engaged in many recreational activities including Ballet, Piano lesson, Gymnastics and my favorite, Football.

Higher Education

I attended St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College in Ladbroke Grove London where I had studied Business Studies, Information Technology and Media Studies A Levels.

Whilst studying, I also worked part-time in the family Estate Agency business to gain some experience and learn how to manage the business from top to toe.

At this stage of my life I believed that I wanted to become a Project Manager as I was really good at Business Studies, Accounts, I.T and felt comfortable liaising with people of all ages.

I was advised by the career team at College to study a diverse business studies degree as Project Managers are required to have a broad knowledge in Business, Accounts, I.T and Economics.

I applied to study Accounting Management and Information Systems (BSC) at the University of Hertfordshire as they were the only university in England to do such a diverse course – glad I got in! 

Higher Education

Whilst attending University of Hertfordshire I would commute back to London on weekends to see my family and work part-time in Vue Cinema, Fulham to fund my hobbie, traveling.

Most years the family and I would go back to the Caribbean for Carnival, unwind and see the family but I wanted to explore other parts of the world which is something I had to fund.

In the course of my degree, I had to do a placement year where I was a Projects Manager’s Assistant for a government funded organisation, RW Rechere Associates. Whilst the pay was not great and I had to continue to work part-time in the Cinema, my main focus was to gain as much experience as possible whilst completing the project successfully.

After doing the above mentioned placement for one year I realised that I did not want to become a Project Manager anymore – so I went back to the drawing board and completed my final year at University.

Work Experience

My last exam was early June 2008 and I was very excited as I was going on a two month holiday. I always wanted to go to the USA and was very excited to be spending one whole month in New York and the other month in the Caribbean with the family.

After being back in England for two weeks in the recession, I had my first financial job as a Costings/Billings Assistant for a solicitors firm, Wixted and Co (Claims for you) .

After working for Wixted and Co (Claims for you) for six months, I was made redundant. My last day was Friday 16th January 2009 and I had commence working at a financial practice, Martin Greene Ravden LLP as a Junior Accountant dated Monday 16th February 2009. 

I worked for Martin Greene Ravden for 1.5 years when I felt that I needed a new challenge, I am currently working for the 2nd biggest PR Agency in the World, Webershandwick as a Reporting Financial Analysis.

Things about me

Favourite food?
I do not have one, however I have favourite dish of each type of food.
Favourite Colour?
Favourite Animal?
Felines: Lions, Cats etc
Favourite Male Singer?
I can not choose between Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye.
Favourite Female Singer?
Whitney Houston
Favourite City?
In Europe it has to be Berlin. Worldwide it has to be New York
Favourite Books?
The Secret, Positive Mental Attitude, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns.
Favourite Albums?
The Bodyguard soundtrack, Thriller, Tupac Greatest Hits, The writing’s on the wall, Marvin Gaye Greatest Hits
Favourite Films?
Big, Set it off, The Bodyguard, SATC, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, Made in Philadelphia, 300, KungFu Hustle, The Last Samurai, The Simpsons
Sitcomes/ Programmes
Simpsons, SATC, The Cleveland Show, Friends, Apprentice, Be your own boss