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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Consequences of Losing Wilderness
The Toll on Biodiversity and the Human Spirit

It lets our mind and spirit connect with the Earth and gives us inspiration.
The Benefits of Wilderness

Wilderness plays an important role to the vitality and health of the human spirit. It allows each of us the opportunity to reflect, to gain perspective, to gain inspiration, and to let our spirit grow and rejuvenate.
Wilderness is vital to the health of the human spirit.

Wilderness allows us the opportunity to connect to the Earth and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.
A connection to the Earth

No Boundaries

We ran, breathless to the forests'
full shadowed beauty.
Reached trancelike lips toward lips
no trace of breath to break the magic.
Pungent crackling leaves encircled
lingering little limbs discovered
heartbeats soaring towards each other.

There beneath tall timber
we melted, merged, meandered
with no particular destination
and treetops brushed our hair.

When I grew up, I wanted
to marry the trees.
but I forgot how.

-Judith Pordon
Wilderness Gives Inspiration

Nature is beautiful
nature is fun
love it or hate it
nature is something to love
nature is god's gift to us

Nature we love
water and feed nature
Nature water's and feed's us
god gave us nature
we cant live with out it
nature makes us

i know nature
Nature is beautiful
Nature is about the earth
nature has flower; s and weed's
weed's or flower's nature is us

-Kerri King
Wilderness is Important to Future Generations

The Dangers of Losing Wilderness

Without healthy ecosystems, there will be a negative consequence to biodiversity, the planet, and to the human spirit.
A Loss of Life-Giving Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Some of the life-giving benefits of a healthy wilderness include air and water purification, regeneration of soil fertility, natural decomposition, and the production and maintenance of biodiversity. Without a healthy wilderness, the planet is in danger as well as all living inhabitants.
The Benefits of a Healthy Wilderness and the Dangers of Losing Those Benefits

It has become more important than ever to make sure that the wilderness remains healthy and intact for many future generations. The wilderness is vital to our physical well-being, the health of the planet, and to our spirit as well. Losing wilderness would mean we would be in danger of losing part of what makes us whole; our spirit.

Let’s Do All We Can to Protect and Preserve Wilderness

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