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Published Mar 10, 2013 in Education
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This Is my Evaluation Questions of both questions 2 and 4

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Media Evaluation Question 2
How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Representation of my musician
I have presented my musician as the new upcoming hip-hop star. I utilised common techniques used in other hip-hop magazines and produced some photo’s related to some of the famous artists that are shown on common hip-hop magazines.
My artist used specific poses and facial expressions which could bring about a negative stereotype due to the hand gestures that he’s making, however in some ways the audience that this genre is aimed at have said that its meant to be ‘cool’ whereas the large majority of other people would see that these sorts of poses and gestures reflect crime. The artist that I created was meant to be the new upcoming ‘Jay Z’ because when writing the interview, I included that my musician was very interested in his music.

Original Photo’s I took for my magazine
When putting my photo’s on to Photoshop, I transformed them all individually so that they could stand out and be very meaningful to the audience. I experimented with all of my photo’s so that I could improve the imagery and make it stand out.
When editing my photo’s I resized and cropped the image so that my artist would look bigger, I did this because I wanted my musician to stand out, It also correlates with the type of bold hip star font I used.
Firstly, the photo on my first page I adjusted the contrast and the brightness of my photo to show the sharpness of my character, I made the contrast harsher on my artist as he authenticates harsh lyrics when rapping. I also laid out the photo well so that the Masthead and features can easily be seen by the audience.

Media Evaluation Question 4
Who Would be the audience for your media product?

Who would be the audience for your media product?
I conducted a detailed questionnaire that had significant relevance to my type of genre, Normally in Hip-hop magazines they normally target their audience from a young teenage age up towards young adults.
Specific techniques that these sorts of magazines use to attract their audience are terminology which is very important as most of these magazines use some sort of dialect as they know that it will attract the type of audience. Also Iconography is also very important in these magazines as most of the artists in the magazines seem to be showing that they have ‘stacks of money’

The Demographics Of Hip-Hop Magazine Audiences
Age Range : 14 + - Most Hip-Hop magazines start at this age as most children start to develop into teenagers at this stage. Also as you can see in my questionnaire most teenagers have chosen Hip-hop as it can portray their everyday lifestyle and tends to be about them and their interests.
Gender : Mostly Male – Hip-hop is traditionally a form of music attractive to young males. Due to the abrasive of nature of some of the lyrics and most artists are male.
Ethnicity : Should appeal to all – When researching I found out that this genre was created by the African Americans, however there is an increasing spread of the influence of hip-hop, specifically attracting white middle class yet rebellious teenagers
Employment : Education – Most teenagers who are of working class should be in full time education, they will be able to afford the fashion suggestions that are shown in the magazine. Also at this stage teenagers will be lovers of music and fashion so they will be easily attracted to this sort of magazine.

Questionnaire Results
My research shows that Hip-hop is a popular genre, and gave me confidence to know that it will be successful

Special features are one of the most important things that attract magazines that is why I made sure that I included an offer on my contents page

What Interests You In A Music Magazine?
I made sure that I took a number of photo’s and compared to see which one had more impact.

If A Music Magazine Was Called ‘Swagmag’ What Genre Comes To Mind?
Before designing my Masthead, I validated with my audience to make sure that they knew what genre my magazine was.