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Published Mar 7, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Opportunities in investing near disney
Darious Gordon
BUll Properties & Investments inc

Yields from mutual funds and CD’s are at an all-time low. Smart Money Investors just like yourself are compiling most of their current investments into Real Property!
Property that is not only assumed to increase in economic value, but has previous history of market success.
Property that is distressed, and well below market value.
Property that is capable of (MSI) Multiple Streams of Income.

other Investors Just Like You

Average 10% Yield
Our company is fairly new but has grown at such a paste that not many of our competitors can comply with. Bull Investments has invested capital from private investors in 1st position trust deeds backed by real estate.
Our investors on average receive a minimum of 10% Yields and a maximum of 20% Yields secured by real estate.

Now let me just ask…………….

What would a 10% Net Yield guaranteed return do for you?

Who We Target
Property owners who are motivated to sell their home because of personal, financial, or hazardous reasons.
Home owners who are only 1-6 months late on their mortgage and are looking for a quick exit.
Owners of property that are looking to hopefully sell their home before the bank takes it and ruins their credit.

The projects we invest in are allowing
Much-needed neighborhood revitalization right here in Broward County.
Provide affordable housing to first-time homebuyers and displaced families.
Home owners to stay within their home and get caught up on their FAR BEHIND MORTGAGES!
Your New Investment

Bull Properties and Investments Inc is a Florida based company in which specializes in property investing, portfolio management, Mortgage takeovers, and Joint Ventures.

The company is owned and managed by Darious Gordon.

Who We Are

About Darious T. Gordon
Darious is a property and portfolio financial wizard! With a long time run of successful clients in England, and China. Darious has had great success at very
Young but promising youthful beginning.

Happy Investors
“I was losing money in mutual funds until Darious convinced me that I could do better. I’m consistently earning 14% return on my $150,000 investment. Best decision I ever made.” –William P.
“I was skeptical at first. 10%? It seemed too good to be true. But I keep getting checks month after month!” Russell L.

*What You Can Expect*
To earn safe, consistent returns averaging 10-20%.
To have your investment secured by a first position trust deed in valuable real estate.
To be communicated with regularly regarding the performance of your investment.
To get started with an initial investment of just $25,000.

What to Do Now

Position your funds and allocate at least $25,000 for Property Investment.
Contact one of our PropertyBull Specialist for a full market evaluation suited for your investment criteria.
Start collecting monthly checks while your money makes you more money.