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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

American Council on Excellence™
The American Council on Excellence™ united with the Academy & College of Wellness Doctors™
ACE and ACWD is pleased to approve a dual MBA/MS & DBA/D.Sc. Program in Wellness Management & Lifestyle Medicine for mid career professionals who seek an affordable, relevant, high quality postgraduate program for executive leaders. We seek to launch this program at a few select (ACBSP or AACSB) colleges that are Christ centered & mission driven to promote health, spirituality and wellness.
Promoting healthy lifestyles and biblical servant leader values at home, at work, and in our community.

12 years
18,000 wellness doctors

We have been training, assessing and transforming body, mind, and spirit for over a decade. Our experienced trainers and doctors are just a few things that make American Wellness Council so unique.
American Wellness Council
American College of Wellness Doctors
American Council on Excellence
American Academy of Wellness Counselors
American Academy of Certified Financial Counselors

Here at ACE and the American Wellness Academies, we strive to promote health in mind, body and spirit at all levels of society. We believe programs such as this one will help to promote spiritual, psychological and physical health throughout the life cycle.

Five Standards Demonstrable Outcomes
Leadership at work and in the community (including the church)
Dr Jay – I don’t know enough about how you are defining these standards vis-à-vis the program. You might want to add a text box containing an operational definition for each of these standards as they apply to the program.

Phase I The MBA/MS/DBA Foundational Seminars in Creativity, Theory & Practice 20 hrs.
Phase II Doctoral Seminars in the Two or Three of the Five Cognate Fields of Study 18 hrs.
Phase III Finish Approved DPDE Proposal & Twelve Month Supervised Practicum 18 hrs.
Phase IV Complete Cognate Fields in Advanced Doctoral Study & Research 36 hrs.
Phase V Write, Defend & Publish Doctoral Project (DPDE) or Dissertation 18 hrs.
Minimum Total Semester Hours Required in the MS/DBA Program 110-124

The Program:
An Overview

The Program

Master Life Seminar for Health & Wellness – Theory (4); Practicum (4)

Phase I
Creativity & the Art of Problem Solving I Theory (4); Practice (4)

Applied Biblical Competencies for Master Life Success (4)

Accounting & Finance for Non-Profit Corporations, Health Care & Medicine (18)
Marketing & Entrepreneurship for Organizations, Hospitals & Health Care (18)
Lifestyle Wellness in Oriental Medicine & Functional Medicine; (OFM) (18)
Lifestyle Wellness in Medical Psychotherapy & Neurological Sciences (MPN) (18)
Health & Wellness in Nursing Leadership, & Executive Management (NEM) (18)

Also, two of the following Major Fields of Concentration are selected

Phase I (Contd.)

Phase II
Creative Executive Problem Solving & Advanced Study of the Five Cognitive Fields

Investigate the Key Domains, Issues & Problems of TWO cognate fields with respect to primary areas of interest.

Creative Accounting for Financial Analysis (3)
Creative Accounting for Managerial Analysis (3)
Creative Marketing & Entrepreneurship in Theory (3)
Creative Marketing & Entrepreneurship in Practice (3)
Creative Theory in Oriental & Functional Medicine (3)
Creative Practice in Oriental & Functional Medicine (3)
Creative Theory in Medical Psychotherapy & Neurology (3)
Creative Practice in Medical Psychotherapy & Neurology (3)
Health & Wellness in Nursing & Lifestyle Medicine I (3)
Health & Wellness in Nursing & Lifestyle Medicine II (3)

Phase III
Supervised Practicum in Major Concentration I (6)
Supervised Practicum in Major Concentration II (6)
Supervised Practicum in Major Concentration III (6)
(Practicum is a total of 3,000 clinical hours)

12 month supervised practicum
Write & defend a Doctoral Project Demonstrating Excellence (DPDE) in SERVICE to others

Phase IV
Advanced Doctoral Seminars or Supervised Doctoral Research in Cognate Field(s)
Two of Five major fields of concentration are selected.
Final Year of study in EITHER (1) Advanced Doctoral Seminars
or (2) Advanced Doctoral Research in their cognate fields.
Doctoral Accounting & Auditing I & II (6)
Strategic Non-profit Marketing & Management I & II (6)
Advanced Oriental & Functional Medicine I & II (6)
Advanced Medical Psychotherapy & Neurology I & II (6)
Nursing Leadership & Executive Management I & II (6)
Advanced Wellness & Lifestyle Medicine I & II (6)
Doctoral Study in Accounting & Auditing III & IV (6)
Doctoral Study in Marketing & Management III & IV (6)
Doctoral Study in Oriental & Functional Medicine III & IV (6) Doctoral Study in Medical Psychotherapy & Neurology III & IV (6)
Doctoral Study in Nursing & Executive Leadership III & IV (6)
Doctoral Study in Wellness & Lifestyle Medicine III & IV (6)

Final Year: Biblical Foundations for Ethical Performance
180 key biblical passages will be memorized & included in the final project (DPDE) or dissertation to demonstrate the student’s ability to integrate Master Life Principles to his or her field of expertise.

Dissertation or major final project evaluated on the degree that it contributes to the student’s (1) Character (2) Excellence (3) Enthusiasm (4) Service to others & (5) Community Leadership. These Five Demonstrable Outcomes must address the Key Domains, Issues & Problems of the student’s Major Concentration and apply the Master Life Biblical Principles for Executive Success to the student’s personal and professional life.

Average time to complete the MBA/MS/DBA program: 5 to 6 years. All programs must be completed within 12 years. Candidates must demonstrate at least 8-10 yrs of approved experience at the clinical (in practice) and supervisory or mid management level.
The American Council on Excellence, MBA/MS/DBA Dual Degree Program, requires all degree candidates to successful complete the following phases, competencies & courses, and the writing, successful defense and publication of an approved doctoral dissertation or DPDE.

Oxford Based

Creative Thinking Skills

Clinical Practice

The American Wellness Council & Academy
130 Pennsauken Ct.
Murfresboro, TN 37128-4774