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Published Apr 7, 2014 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


The “Red Death” is a phenomenon that overtook the country. It was fatal, and hideous. The pestilence was known for the blood – the redness and the horror. People endured sharp pains, dizziness, and profuse bleeding before they were blessed with death. The entire progress and termination of the disease occurred in half an hour. With a disease this contagious going around, you decide toLive in isolation. Every man for himself, you have no intention of dyingGo out and about; what is life without any risk?!

You decided to go out and about without realizing you would have to face the consequences. You are caught in the midst of the “Red Death” and die a long and painful death, with recurring seizures and blood escaping your every pore.THE END

Prince Prospero also chose to live in isolation. He was well and happy in his secluded castled. The surrounding wall had had gates of iron and welded the bolts. They resolved to never leave the castle, as it was well provisioned against the contagion. They were secure within, without the “Red Death”. About six months after, he decided to throw masked ball for a thousand of his friends. Having survived in seclusion, you receive an invitation of your own. You:Continue your streak of isolation. This party isn’t worth risking your good fortune.You attend of course! Both you and the prince have managed to survive six months so the tips are welcome.

You continue in isolation, avoiding the “Red Death”, continuing to take precautions. You survive the “Red Death”, however do not know what has happened to your friends or family. You live to tell the tale of the “Red Death” and with your help, another epidemic like this avoided. THE END

You arrive to the Prince’s bizarre castle and take in the scene before you. The castle held seven different apartment chambers within it. while everyone enjoyed the masquerade and traveled among the different chambers, there was one that was avoided; the last black chamber.It was fire-lit, with dark hangings and blood-tinted panes. It was a ghastly room and produced so wild a look upon the countenances of those who entered. Few of the company were bold enough to step foot within it at all. Are you?No thanks, the party in the blue room is far more excitingOf course, it’s the Prince’s castle anyway so it can’t be too dangerous

You remain in the blue room for the remainder of the party, and are enjoying the masquerade. Before long, it strikes midnight and you hear the peculiar chime of the clock at the party. Everyone around you is nervous and they rush out, gathering in the grand hall. You wonder what all the commotion is about …. Continue

Around you, the giant ebony clock strikes midnight. All night the chime has been peculiar enough but there is something about midnight that unsettling. Suddenly, a masked figure is presented before all at the masquerade. It was tall, and gaunt; a corpse of the grave, covered in blood! You find an inconspicuous exit; every man for himself. You run and you do not stop until you are out of there and safe.You can’t find an exit. You are trapped with the entity. You pray for yourself and hope to survive the night.

The prince confronts the entity, and orders other to try and unmask the figure. “Who dares insult us with this blasphemous mockery?” he says. Everyone that tries to grab the entity fails. And so the entity carries on around the castle, with Prince Prospero right behind him.Who does his guy think he is, party crashing?! You follow him determined to restart festivities.The prince is the host and he can follow that guy if he wants, but you’ll stay put. No need to try and play the hero.

You follow the entity along with Prince Prospero. You see him fall to his death before your very eye. You are also one of those who try to again grab this entity, only to realize that it has no tangible form. That is when you realize you are in the presence of the Red Death itself, and one by one you all drop in blood. The Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all. The End

You remain within the crowd, but realize something is off. All of the sudden around you the bodies are dropping. You recognize the seizures, you see all the blood. You only have a matter of seconds to make a decision but alas, you are too late. You drop, you see the blood around you. The Red Death has consumed you as well. The End