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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

A powerpoint on why I should be a Barbie Bitch
By Alissa (edsheiran)

reason #1
i make pretty good manips and can make u one too
((me + liam = alliam))

reason #2
im really friendly and active and don’t join promo groups just so I can say “reblog this” or “vote for me”, etc

reason #3
i have photoshop and can make cool edits like this

reason #4
im nice and I made this for u guys because u are all awesome and amazing<333

reason #5
last but not least u should pick me bc my cat said you should

aww look at my cats they’re so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thnx for watching and I hope u enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!!! ???