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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Nemo Nigga

Nemo Nigger Caroline
I’m am so active
Especially on my friends
Help a nigger out
Im so close to my goal and that is always important
Im not a carrot and that’s a
You know you love me xoxo
If you don’t watch gossip girl fuck that

Nemo Nigger You
Your fab
Im fab
Do you see where im going here
I took my time to make this gay thing so yeah
You guys seem really cool and bitch im da coolest so add dis nig up

The Fish Cycle

How To Survive 2.0
Step 1. When you get trapped act dead
Booom they think “ohhh dey are dead”
Than they turn around to get a bag
You being the fish you use fins and go to the corner bam you open it and your out
But you are on the ground butttttt you are with me so I come and save the day I don’t know what im saying but hey

Now if I don’t get in this never happened but if I do get in we niggers 4 lyfe

I hope you think this is more funny than gay

Ill text you later