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Reasons to like canada

Published Feb 8, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

reasons to <3 canada
*cmon moose insted of meese isnt totaly are fawlt guyz

we hav sum luxury fuds
thank u president tim horton 4 delish bakery snax
Milk dem cowz
hart attaks were invented by pierre trudeau in 1672
thanx to aunt jemima I sure do love refined sugar amirite
We hve maltesers feeling so free now america

we have excelent style
dat ass
canadian puhlice no whose boss
sexc eh
Gud for stompin homophobes
even barbz

sum sex eh
fotoshopped nawt even fair how am i from canada
actually soz 4 this 1 oops
get it lol
big bang theme idk that might actually b bad do i look like i care
mean girl jokes srry i am a canadian srry srry

does this even require a caption tho
inventors of da shishkabob lol!!!11111!!!!!!

k well thx a lot 4 readin dis u proud
dis is sew crazee ya call me maybe