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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Granny’s Day in Poland

Granny’s Day is a holiday celebrated on 21st January in Poland. Grandmas love the festival, because they are the most important people on this day.

We should remember that grandmas are really important in our life. They love us very much and they will never stop.

When it’s Granny’s Day grandchildren make special cards with wishes and presents. Grandmothers are really happy when their grandkids give them these little gifts.

We can buy some flowers too,or make a colourful cake

Grandchildren are happiness for grandmothers all around the world.Remember about your granny, because she needs you!You can help your granny when you do shopping for her.I love my granny very much…

Thanks for watching:) Basia Hondzel Va