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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

ABERDEEN 1936THE YEAR THE CITY’S DAILY WORKER COMMITTEE RAISED £1,000In today’s currency the Aberdeen Daily Worker Bazaar Committee raised in excess of £70,000. To show their gratitude the staff of the Daily Worker in London and the leadership of the Communist Party sent a brochure with 26 separate autograph messages and cartoons combined into a souvenir booklet,

1936The year that saw: Hitler occupy the RhinelandMussolini invade EthiopiaMetaxas declare himself dictator of GreeceThe Jarrow MarchThe battle of Cable Street and Mosley’s fascists driven from London’s East EndThe fascist rebellion in SpainThe formation of the International Brigade to defend Spanish democracyTOM MANN 1856-1941Leader of the London dock strike of 1889, founder of the Independent Labour Party 1893, imprisoned for sedition 1912 after appealing to troops not to shoot strikers, first general secretary of the Amalgamated Engineering Union 1919-1921, founder member of the Communist Party 1920

THE DAILY WORKERWas first published as a daily paper in January 1930.The editors and publishers suffered frequent police harassment, arrest and imprisonmentFor periods the paper suffered censorship and appeared with blank columnsIt was subject to a boycott by newspaper distributors and had to be sent across the country by night train and then picked up by bicycle couriers for local distribution Cartoon for the Aberdeen Brochure by James Boswell (‘Buchan’) Joined Party 1932, founder member Artists International, lead contributor to Left Review.

HARRY POLLITTGeneral Secretary of the Communist Party Founder member. Boilermakers leader. Led the strike in the London Docks in 1920 that halted arms shipments to White Russian armies in Russia. Won 14,000 Communist votes in 1935 General Election in Rhondda.BOB STEWART1877-1967 Born in Angus Imprisoned for opposition to first world war. Scottish Organiser of Communist Party 1922. Imprisoned for sedition 1921 and 1924. Won 10,000 votes in Dundee in 1931. Worked for Comintern in Ireland, Norway and Germany. Operated the clandestine wireless transmitter in Wimbledon. MI5 file runs to three volumes

WILLIE GALLACHERLeader of the Clyde Workers Committee. Imprisoned 1916 and 1919. Founder member of Communist Party 1920. General Secretary 1939-1941. Elected MP for West Fife in 1935 with 13,400 Communist votes WAL HANNINGTON 1896-1966 UNEMPLOYED LEADER

ISABEL BROWN 1894-1984Teacher who joined Communist Party in 1920. In Moscow 1923-4. Twice imprisoned for sedition in the 1920s. Leading figure in campaign for release of Dimitrov and Medical Aid for SpainROSE SMITH 1891-1985 Teacher. President National Minority Movement 1926. Campaigned for unionisation of women. Leader of 1932 Women’s Hunger March. Communist Party Women’s Organiser

RALPH FOX 1900-1936Oxford graduate who joined Communist party after visiting Soviet Russia in 1920. Party educationalist and author. One of the first to join the International Brigade and killed nine months after signing this note.TOM WINTRINGHAM 1898-1949 Barrister. Joined party 1923. Arrested for sedition same year. Worked on Workers Weekly and then Daily Worker. Commander British Battallion 1937: photo shows him wounded in hospital.

BEN BRADLEY 1898-1957 and PERCY GLADING 1893-1970Fighters against British imperialism in India. Ben Bradley, engineer, sent to India in 1927 to help organise Indian trade unions. Arrested in 1929 Meerut Mutiny Trial (middle of back row): four years in goal). Percy Glading, engineer, sent to India 1925. Lenin School, Moscow 1929-30. Imprisoned 1938: Woolwich Arsenal spy trial.

JOAN AND KAY BEAUCHAMPJoan (1890-1964) teacher, suffragist during first world war, associate of Sylvia Pankhurst, founder member of the Communist Party 1920, sent out to India, author of British Imperialism in India. Kay (1899-1992), her sister and also a teacher, joined the party in 1923, became Managing Director of the Daily Worker, jailed for contempt of court when paper described Wal Hannington’s trial as a ‘frame-up’. Later ran Movement for Colonial Freedom, working with Kwame Nkrumah and Jomo Kenyatta.

WALLY TAPSALL, ALLEN HUTT AND MAROWally Tapsell, General Secretary of the YCL 1929, became Circulation Manager for the DW, killed in Spain as Political Commissar. Artist Desmond Rowney (Maro) was also killed in Spain. Allen Hutt, Chief Subeditor and designer won numerous Design awards for the paper in 1940s and 50s.

Montagu Slater 1902-56 Poet and playwright, wrote the libretto for Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes, worked with Auden and John Grierson on film documentaries, founded Left Review 1934W G Shepherd wrote the report on the 1936 Moscow Trials; imprisoned 1939.