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McGraw My Math

Published Jan 13, 2014 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

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Made for Teachers …the way you plan!

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K-2 Explore and Explain Gr. 3-5 Math in My WorldConcept Lesson

Gr. 3-5 Guided PracticeK-2 See and Show

Gr. 3-5 Independent Practice K-2 On My Own

Problem SolvingLearn the StrategyPractice the StrategyApply the StrategyReview the Strategy Grades K: page 75 Grade 1: page 43 Grades 2-3: page 41 Grade 4 : page 43 Grade 5: page 61


K-2Explore and ExplainSee and ShowOn My OwnProblem SolvingMy Homework3-5Math in My WorldGuided PracticeIndependent PracticeProblem SolvingMy Homework

Grade K : page 41Grade 1: page 35 Grade 2: page 47Grade 3: page 27Grades 4 – 5: page 35

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