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Published Jan 8, 2014 in Education
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Presented at the end of the year parent/student conference

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

By: Eugenia 6th Grade 2011-2012

W r i t i n g In the 1 st semester, in writing, we did many different activities. One of them was a narrative writing. In this writing prompt we got to write about any experience in our lives. I learned how to add many feelings and emotions. I loved being able to write about friendship and my mixed emotions. If I could change it I would like to make it longer and to write many more personal narratives!

W r i t i n g

W r i t i n g In the 2 nd semester, we did many writing prompts, but my favorite was the story about an animal. I loved writing this story because it had to seem real even though I made it up. I enjoyed writing about my favorite animals, horses! If I could go back and fix anything, I would check my spelling more carefully, in order to get a level four for conventions. This was the best writing that I ! ve done and I ! m proud of it. It was also my longest writing prompt (3 pages!) and I learned lots, like how to organize a story properly . "

W r i t i n g

R e a d i n g In reading with Ms. Vera in the 1 st semester, we did a novel study. We had to read a book called ÒFlush.Ó I learned how to read with pauses and how to interact with the characters to understand the story more. I liked taking the test and seeing my improvements in comprehension. Next time, I would make sure I re-read the story, just in case I skip some words.

R e a d i n g

Reading In reading in the 2 nd semester, we read many stories, but my favorite was Don Quixote. I enjoyed learning about Mexican culture, reading out loud and being graded for my pronunciation. I would like to read more stories by this author. I learned how to read properly, and I learned some words in Spanish that I did not know. I loved this story and if you read it, you will like it too.

Speaking In Chapter 2, in the 1 st semester we read a story about saving the rain forests. In this assignment, we had to find a page of the book that we liked and read it out loud on the computer. I loved hearing my mistakes and I would like to do this more often!

Speaking #$"%&'()*$+,"*$"-.'"%'/0$1"%'2'%-'3,"4'"1*1" ("%&'/*(5"43*6$+"&302&-"-.(-"4'"/0751" 3'/031"*-8"#"5'(3$'1".04"-0"&(7%'"4.'$" -.'3'"(3'"&'3*01%"($1"%&'()"/5'(359,":7-"#" /0751"*2&30;'":9"$0-"+'<$+"%-7/)"-.(-" 2($9"62'%8"#"3'(559"'$=09'1".'(3*$+"29%'5>" ($1"$06/*$+"29"2*%-()'%,"-.07+."#"1*1"$0-" 5*)'".(;*$+"-0"%-(3-"(55"0;'38"#$"/0$/57%*0$,"#" 3'(559"5*)'1"3'/031*$+"29"43*6$+"&302&-" 4*-."-.'"*?.0$'8 "

Science """"" #$"-.'"@3%-"A7(3-'3,"4'"5'(3$'1" (:07-"073"1*+'%6;'"%9%-'28"B'" .(1"-0"10"("/5(%%"&30='/-"4.'3'" 4'"2(1'"("5*>'C%*D'1"1055"0>"073" 1*+'%6;'"%9%-'28"B'".(1"-0"7%'" 3'/9/5'1"2(-'3*(5%"-0"10"*-8"B'" (5%0"403)'1"*$"&(*3%"($1"'(/." &(*3"2(1'"($"03+($8"#"5*)'1" 403)*$+"*$"+307&%"($1"%''*$+" ';'39:019!%"03+($%8"#"5'(3$'1" .04"-0"3'%&'/-"0-.'3"&'0&5'!%" *1'(%8"#>"#".(1"203'"62',"#"40751" 5*)'"-0"10"-.'"4.05'":019"%9%-'2" :9"29%'5>8 "

!!!!!!!!!!!! "#$% ! """"""#$"E.(&-'3"F"GH %- "%'2'%-'3I,"4'" 5'(3$'1"("50-"(:07-">3(/60$%8"J'3'" 0$"-.*%"&(+'"4'".(1"-0"2()'"%.(&'%" *$-0"1'/*2(5%"($1"-.'$"*$-0">3(/60$%8" #"50;'1"403)*$+"*$1'&'$1'$-59," /.'/)*$+"29"($%4'3%"($1"+'<$+"-.'" ($%4'3%"(55"/033'/-8"#>"#"/0751"+0":(/)" ($1"/.($+'"*-,"#"40751$!-"/.($+'" ($9-.*$+8"K(9:'"#"40751"=7%-" &3(/6/'"-.*%"%)*55"203'8 "

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! " Portugus " RS"&3*2'*30"%'2'%-3',"'%/3';'20%" 72(".*%-S3*("%0:3'"($*2(*%"A7'" >(5(28"T7"+0%-'*"1'"'%/3';'3"2*$.(" .*%-S3*(,"%'2"$*$+7U2"2'">(5($10"0" A7'"'%/3';'38"V'"'7"&71'%%',"'7" (1*/*0$(3*("2(*%"1'-(5.'%"'"2(*%" 1*W50+0%8" "

! " Portugus "

! " Portugus " Nesta tarefa, no segundo semestro, nos tivemos que achar os diferentes gneros dos substantivos, recortar e colar num papel. Depois, tivemos que fazer um texto usando todas as palavras. Eu aprendi como diferenciar os substantivos sobre comuns, comuns de dois gneros e substantivos epicenos. Eu tamb U m aprendi a trabalhar com os meus amigos. Eu gostei de recortar qualquer coisa. No futuro, eu gostaria de fazer essa atividade de novo. Eu amei tudo o que nos fizemos.

! " Portugus "

A r t """" #$"X3-"/5(%%,"*$"-.'"H %- "%'2'%-'3"," 4'".(1"-0"+0"0$"-.'"/02&7-'3" ($1"500)"7&">(207%"(36%-%"-.(-" *$%&*3'1"7%8"XY'3"4'"/.0%'"0$'," 4'".(1"-0"13(4"073%'5;'%"*$"-.'" (36%-Z%"%-95'"0>"(3-"403)8"#"50;'1" 13(4*$+"&(['3$%"0$"29"04$">(/'8" #>"#"/0751"+0":(/)"($1"/.($+'"*-,"#" 40751"2()'"0-.'3"13(4*$+%"($1" /.00%'"0-.'3"(36%-%8 "

A r t #$"X3-"/5(%%"*$"-.'"%'/0$1"%'2'%-'3,"4'"1*1" 2($9"&30='/-%,":7-"-.'"/005'%-"0$'"4(%"-.'" K(3*$'"\*>'"]0-"X3-8"B'".(1"-0"/.0%'"($" ($*2(5"($1"-.'$"13(4"*-"7%*$+"&'$/*58"XY'3"*-" 4(%"13(4$,"4'"/0503'1"*-"0;'3"4*-."2(3)'3%," :7-"4'"/0751"0$59"7%'"10-%8"#"'$=09'1" 5'(3$*$+"(:07-"29"($*2(5"173*$+"(3-"/5(%%8"#>"#" /0751,"#"40751"10"-.*%"(/6;*-9"(+(*$"4*-." 1*^'3'$-"-.*$+%,"$0-"0$59"($*2(5%8 " "

D o t A r t

P.E !!!!"#!$%&%!'()**+!,#!-./!0 *- !*/1/*-/2+!3/! (/)2#/4!.,3!-,!5()6!*,''/2!)#4! 7)*8/-7)((!492:#;!-./!0 *- !.)(!"!(,?/!5()6:#;!,#!-./!7/)'.!:#!-/)1*%! "

P.E #$"-.'"L $1 "%'2'%-'3,"4'"5'(3$'1"(:07-"2($9" 1*^'3'$-"%&03-%,"5*)'".($1:(55,"%0//'3,"($1" 101+'":(558"K9">(;03*-'"0$'"4(%"101+'":(55" :'/(7%'"4'"+0-"-0"403)"4*-."1*^'3'$-" &'0&5'"*$"+307&%8"#"5'(3$'1"-.'"375'%">03" 101+'":(55"($1".04"-0"3'(559"&5(9,"4*-.07-" .736$+"($90$'8"#>"#"/0751,"#"40751"50;'"-0"10" -.*%"%&03-"(+(*$"($1"-0"3';*%'"-.'"375'%8"#-" 4(%"-.'":'%-"%&03-"0>"-.'"9'(3"($1"#"3'(559" 5*)'1"*-Q"


Social Studies """"" #$"-.'"V0/*(5"V-71*'%"=073$(5," *$"-.'"@3%-"%'2'%-'3"4'".(1" -0"43*-'"("=073$(5"'$-39" (:07-"/30%%*$+"-.'"_$*-'1" V-(-'%"-0"+'-"-0"-.'"`051" a7%."*$"E(5*>03$*(8"#"5*)'1" 43*6$+"3'(5*%6/"@/60$"(:07-" 29%'5>8"#>"#"/0751,"#"40751"(11" 203'"1'-(*5%"($1">''5*$+%8" b;'3(55"*-"4(%"(";'39">7$" (/6;*-9Q""

Social Studies In Social Studies, in the 2 nd semester we did many chapters, but my favorite chapter was Chapter 8. Chapter 8 was all about slavery. My favorite activity was Dilemma Number 3, Slaves in the Colonies . I learned how slaves worked and what it was like living in their colonies. I learned how slaves work in poor conditions. I loved how we could work in groups and pretend to be real slaves in order to understand what they went through. If I could go back and change anything, I would add more reasons and detail on the part where we had to choose what a slave would do in certain situations. "

Social Studies


"#$%&'()*! #$"E02&7-'3"/5(%%,"*$"-.'"L $1 "%'2'%-'3,"4'".(1" 2($9"(/6;*6'%,":7-"29">(;03*-'"4(%"403)*$+" 4*-."Tc/'58"B'".(1"-0"500)"0$"X2(D0$">03"%.0'%" 4'"4($-'1"($1"43*-'"-.'*3"&3*/'8"#"5'(3$'1"-.'" 'c/'5"/'55"$(2'%"($1".04"-0"2()'"-.'"&30+3(2" (11"-.'"$72:'3%">03"907"7%*$+">03275(%8"#>"#" /0751"/.($+'"($9-.*$+,"#"40751"5*)'"-0"10"-.(-" (/6;*-9"4*-."$0-"0$59"%.0'%"($1"'c&503'"203'" >03275(%8"#"50;'1"/02&7-'3"/5(%%"-.*%"%'2'%-'3Q " "

Computer Class (working with Excel)!

My strengths/successes this year: ¥ ! I learned how to add negative and positive numbers, negative fractions, solve algebraic equations and how to find volume of shapes. ¥ ! I learned how to write bad and good book reviews and how to write personal narratives with a lot of detail. ¥ ! I learned how to use the Pythagorean Theorem and do a lot of problem solving. ¥ ! I got better in writing and speaking in Portuguese. ¥ ! I learned how to work in groups and be more independent. """"""" """""" My goals for next year: ¥ ! I want to learn how to write stories from other people ! s point of view. ¥ ! I would like to improve my math skills like problem solving and not making careless errors. ¥ ! I would like to read with more intonation and to learn to pause at periods. A Y e a r i n R e v i e w

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