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Published Jan 8, 2014 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


What SyncSense does?Increases ratingsDrives viewers from promos to programsImproves ROI on calls to action (DR)

SyncSense Clients

What is SyncSense?Toolkit for producing video to optimize brain syncBrain sync increases attentionNeurons fire at same timeProvokes greater attentionIncreased attention= increased audience

What we’re notEmotionStorylineCharacterBrand

Key elementsVoice SFX Face ImageTextMFX

SyncSenseBefore and After

SyncScore: 2.1Teases

SyncScore: 5.2 Teases

SyncSense Results:Sync’d Teases Increase Full Show Ratings A18-34 A18-49 A25-54 A50+SyncSense Lift +7.4% +6.1% +5.9% +2.8%Note: Weekday Airings. 30 Minute news broadcast. 80 telecastsincluded: 28 sync’d and 52 not sync’d. Audience data from Nielsen Media Research.




Sync’d Pod Advantage: 25-54sSync’d Content in “A” Position25% advantage

SyncScore: 9.0Promos

SyncScore: 22.9Promos

Sync’d Pod Advantage: 25-54sSync’d Content in “A” Position29% advantage

Sync’d Advantage Expands among Younger Adults: 25-44sSync’d Content in “A” Position48% advantage

SyncSense ScoringSyncScoreBrain sync evaluation tool: frame-by-frame analysisAllows team to re-edit contentScore strongly correlates to audience performance

Custom seminar for your creative teamsTrain team in brain sync tools- timing, colors, shapes, patterns, soundsScore and align audio/ video elements- brain syncManage research process and report to your specs Creative consultingSyncSense Service

SyncSense Executive TeamDaniel Fischer: co-founderCorporate experience: Discovery Networks, Nielsen, Time-Warner CableSpecialties: neuroscience, media research, consumer insights, systems managementJohn Ford: chief creativeCorporate experience: Discovery Networks, National Geographic Channel, ION NetworksSpecialties: content development, programming, production, network general managementCharlene Weisler: research, biz devCorporate experience: NBC, Discovery Networks, A&E, FX, AMC NetworksSpecialties: media research, ad sales research, big data analyses

Thank YouDaniel Fischer: 240-676-2424John Ford: 202-255-9967Charlene Weisler: 646-280-8710Website and Blog