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Accessibility Lifts

Published Dec 20, 2013 in Technology
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Accessibility Lifts... Read more Transitions Lift & Elevator is the area's leading installer of residential and commercial lifts. Whether you're looking for mobility up and down stairs, entering and exiting a bathtub, or helping someone into bed, we can find a lift that matches your needs.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

TransitionsmobilityBusiness plan preseTransitions Lift & Elevator is the area's leading installer of residential and commercial lifts.

Accessibility Lifts Transitions Lifts & Elevator specializes in several residential and commercial elevators. Elevators are the right solution for long-term accessibility in your home, church, restaurant, office, or condominium.Transitions Lift + Elevator's company philosophy is simple. Offer the best products at the best value all while delivering exceptional friendly professional service.

Material LiftsTransitions Lift & Elevator specializes in materials lifts that meet your factory, warehouse, and industrial needs.Commercially, Transitions Lift + Elevator installs and services Limited Use Limited Access (LULA) Commercial elevators that are common in low rise office buildings, churches, and schools. We also furnish and install Commercial Stair Lift systems (Straight and Curved), Wheelchair Lifts (Vertical & Inclined Platform), Material lifts, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyers, and Dumbwaiters

Vertical Wheelchair LiftsA Vertical Platform Lift designed to provide easy access for the physically challenged. This innovative product has been carefully studied to fit your home. Its versatility also provides the best architectural choice for commercial applications such as schools, churches and office buildings.Standard Equipment Quiet 2:1 chain hydraulic drive Relay logic controller for reliability and durability

DumbwaitersAvailable with a winding drum or counterbalance drive system, the commercial dumbwaiter is an ideal fit for any restaurant, university, clinic, library, laboritory or office building. Choose from a floor level or counter height for loading accessibility and ease. A perfect solution for new buildings or adding to existing institutions. Both models have a weight capacity of 500 lbs, travel 50 floors per minute, and up to 10 square feet of cab space.

Vertical Reciprocating ConveyorLifts heavy, bulky oversized loads up to 50,000 lbs.  Transports multiple pallet loads, large carts and heavy machinery between two or more levels. Built-in, advanced safety features protect workers and materials. Access gates at each level are interlocked with lift operation. Available with patented DeckLock Safety System that provides additional security at critical upper levels.

Curved Stair LiftsLeading-edge technology assuring complete stability as you move up and down the stairway - even during power outages, and inside turns offer the flexibility of mounting the curved stairlift on either side of the staircase.Direct drive motor/gear box - no belts for reduced maintenance Digital diagnostic display Generous seat size - adjustable width arm rests, multiple seat heights, flip-up seat and arm rests