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Published Nov 25, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

A Glance into SustainabilityHKUST COMP1001 Group 32KAM Shing, CharlesLAW Tsz Yan, JamieCHAN Siu Fai, Tommy


TopicGlobal IssueInternational PartnershipResponsibilityScience StudentsEnvironmental ScienceBiochemistry and Cell Biology

VisionCategory:EducationalTarget Group: Hong Kong Young People

ProcessInformativeComprehensive PerspectivesCase StudyImpressiveMultimediaInteractiveSelf TestComments

GoalKnowledgeBeware of the situationTake ActionSave the Earth

Organization of the websiteVision Definition and ParameterCase studySelf-test

Definition and parameterBasic conceptParameter Social, economic environmental

Case studyPractice the skillsUse the knowledge in the real lifeIssue in Hong KongDemonstrate the basic analysis skillsIdentify the problemProvide solutionKeep on updating

Case studyBackgroundProblem analysisSolution

Self-testCheck the progress Concept clarificationCollect data improvement of the website