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Published Oct 23, 2013 in Spiritual
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Saturday, October 26 Shut - ins and persons who need assistance at home will be visited by small groups and given assistance. Please volunteer and come with your ideas. Give your names to the receptionist at the front desk along with contact numbers. Day

National Evangelism Department Crusade Papine , St. Andrew Sunday, October 27 to November 15 7:00 nightly L ost , at any

All persons who signed up for Brownies or completed a registration form are asked to meet with Sonya Constantine immediately after church at the front desk.

50 Fest November 1, 2013 Cost: $250

Important Steps for Fest We must sell 3000 tickets. Everybody, please buy at least ONE ticket. $ 250 each 50

Important Steps for Fest Please help with the ingredients for the food part of 50Fest. More contributions mean more profit. 50

Important Steps for Fest Support the haberdashery. Bring new or used items in GOOD 50

Important Steps for Fest We can make and surpass the million dollar mark. Talk to any Committee member about how YOU can help. 50

There is a two (2) bedroom available for rent, own kitchen and bathroom. 372 - 7125

Usher Training F or all ushers and persons who completed the new usher forms. Saturday, October 26 at 6 p.m .

Rally Update Our annual Rally will be on Tuesday, November 26

Rally Update Pledges so far stand at $ 3,934,100 with $829,900 already honoured ! Every little bit adds up. Let us continue our journey toward our goal .